My review of the Apple Watch - Day 2

A full day using my new Apple Watch. I need to get used to having a blank screen on my watch unless I move my arm, and also to my watch face activating whenever I move my arm.

I achieved my standing and fitness goals today, along with 20 out of 30 minutes of exercise. Without doing any exercise.

And I managed to stand for 15 out of 12 hours today.


Apart from that the watch tells the time, and beeps/ vibrates whenever I get an email or other notification. Including telling me to stand up.

I managed to make my watch into a bedside clock though, albeit it one with a blank screen.

And the battery lasted all day, still having 45% charge when I went to bed.

Summary of my thoughts today – it all works fine, and is very nice, but what benefits do I actually get from a watch costing £300???

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