And here are 10 reasons why I love my iPad Pro.

And here are 10 reasons why I love my iPad Pro.

  1. The screen is amazing.
  2. It is very quick.
  3. My laptop is no longer a laptop. It hans't moved since I got my iPad Pro.
  4. The battery lasts ages and ages.
  5. Email is easy and syncs seamlessly from my PC to my iPad.
  6. I watch all my training videos and video podcasts on it.
  7. I work on it every day.
  8. I write most of my blog posts on it.
  9. It is my mobile office and portfolio (very important).
  10. It syncs with my iPhone seamlessly (most of the things about my iPhone I can say about the iPad and vice verse).

My iPad Pro really has transformed the way I work. Syncing with Lightroom Mobile means I have all the photographs I want with me wherever I go, and in meetings I can edit in front of the client. When I say edit I mean I can make quick adjustments to show a different look/ feel.

And I can instantly show before/ after.

I am quite careful with my technology - new gear has to improve how I work - I do not buy gear for the sake of it.

And the iPad Pro gives me so much more.

And it is lovely and very cool indeed.

Writing this post has made me think how much I would lose if I did not have an iPad Pro. And that is quite a scary thought!

For the iPad Pro I say thank you Apple!

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