How long does it take to create 20 HDR dng files in Lightroom?

I timed this last week. And today's time?  This is another product shoot, and one I will write about more in a couple of months.

So how long did it take to produce these 20 merged HDR files in Lightroom?

9 minutes 53 seconds. 

Pretty good, and quicker than last week. 

It would have been slightly quicker but I set off the first three sets of images then went to the kitchen to put the kettle on. I didn't expect to come back to find the first three all done and sat there. 

This time I did three sets one after another, stacked the images then did another set.  This way I didn't lose track of where I was up to, so did not lose any time that way.

The process was much less painful, the main problem being once I started I left my cuppa to brew - must go and get it now! 

Final word - next time I will time this producing one HDR file at a time. 

Rick McEvoy Photography - Lightroom User

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