Which case do I use for my iPad Pro? Read this and find out.

I tried a few cases for my iPad Pro. Well more than a few.

But I settled on the Logitech Keyboard Create Case with Backlight and Smart Connector for iPad Pro, 9.7 inch.

I bought mine from Amazon.

It wasn't cheap - £109. Now though it is down to less than £90 (at the time of writing this post.) 

Why do I like this case? 

Well I will get the problem out of the way first. I lose all that loveliness of the iPad. The sleek metal case. All that lovely design. 

It's all hidden away.  Apart from the screen of course!

But safe and secure, and has survived over a year of being taken everywhere I go. And I mean everywhere, every day. 

The case transforms my iPad Pro into an effective working machine. I have not taken my iPad out of this case since I got it.

The QWERTY keyboard is great to use. And backlit which I find essential. I prefer using this to my actual PC for writing stuff now. And the case works great as a stand to allow me to watch stuff. 

An expensive case but a very good case which works very well. 

All in all very happy with this purchase. And the way I know I am happy with something is when I stop looking for a better one!

Rick McEvoy Photography