The latest change to the content of my photography blog - evolution

OK. I have to confess. I have let the amount of content on my blog get out of hand. 

How did I realise this? 

Four Hour Work Week.  I am listening to this on my iPhone. Again. I bought this from Amazon.

"4-Hour Work Week: Escape the 9-5, Live Anywhere and Join the New Rich." By Tim Ferriss.

And each time I listen another nugget of gold goes into my head and every now and then a positive action comes out of it. 

Now I am nowhere near taking regular short retirements, but there is some great stuff in there. 

I am listening to this book whilst driving.

And I got back to my office one day and thought - I have let my blog drive the photography work I do - (I have to qualify this to being the photography work I do in addition to other work). 

The idea of my photgoraphy blog was to write about what I am doing. It was meant to be a natural extension of me pushing my photography skills and knowledge. 

But recently I feel that my blog has been in the driving seat. 

Now that I have realised this it is time to put my blog back where it should be - the output of the things I need to do to make my photography better. 

My photography blog is going to be less structured in the future, around a range of things I want to talk about each month, but also aligned with my business priorities going forward. 

Hopefully you will find the content more interesting, more spontaneous, more fun. And definitely more varied.

Rick McEvoy Photography - living the dream - well working on it