So what am I going to be writing about in my photography blog?

These are my initial thoughts on the content of my photography blog going forwards from here.

Weekly content

Web page update - essential to keep the momentum going with the updating of all the pages on my website.

A general photography post - a bit longer about something photography related currently on my mind.

Stock – this includes actually getting my stuff out onto the stock markets. Photos and videos.

Gear - each week I am going to write about a piece of photography gear/ non-photography gear/ something of interest.

  • New images – Building
  • New images – Travel
  • New images – Dorset
  • New images – Hampshire
  • Fifth feed - to be decided.

These 5 new images will form the output to all my social media channels

Image of the Week

Video - after the success of the videos of the Red Arrows at the Bournemouth Air Festival 2017 I am going to add more videos to my You Tube channel. And also add my 4K videos to Adobe Stock. I will explain - trust me it will make sense.

Monthly things

  • Top 10s. I like top 10s. And they are great as pieces of content that work SEO wise.
  • Talking of which - SEO - I will write about that on a monthly basis. 
  • Luminar - I want to get into this new software for the PC. Gently.
  • Luminosity Masks - I need to give these a go. 
  • Photoshop - something new/ useful/ interesting.
  • Lightroom- something new/ useful/ interesting.
  • You Tube - my You Tube Channel
  • Website - news on what is on my website. What I like. What I don't like. WHat I need to do.
  • News - just any photography news that took my interest.
  • On location - pictures of a location where I have taken some pictures. Great to show my photography gear in action.
  • Plotagraph - what I have come up with in Plotagraph this month on my iPad Pro.

I am going to play around with this over the month of September and then 1st October have a new plan. 

And no I have not forgotten those pictures of Santorini.

And another thing I need to do is publish everything in the draft folder on my blog - prepare for a week of completely random posts at the end of September. 

Rick McEvoy MCIOB, LBIPP - Photographer, blogger, all round good chap.