How do you manage notes/ ideas/ to do lists? I have a cheap low tech solution

I have tried all sorts of electronic note taking apps. And none of them work for me. 

I even tried an old fashioned Filofax. 

But that did not work either. 

The solution was this - the Nu Elite Prestige A7 Jotter - Black. £3.99 from Amazon!

Yes, A cheap, small notebook.

Why do I like this so much? 


 It is small. It fits in my pocket. All I want to do is write down thoughts as and when they appear - not often I know - and I also use this small notebook as my to do list. 

I find that with electronic apps the list is never ending. All I do is add to it. Not any more. 

Now I write down the most important things I need to do that day. And when I have done them I cross them off. I also write down ideas and things I need to remember. 

Every couple of days I re-write the list, which I don't allow to get beyond two pages. 

Simple and effective.  And costs less than a fiver!

Rick McEvoy Photography