How many HDR Merges will I be able to do in Lightroom?

OK. I have stopped the clock. Yes I am timing this. I want to know, 16 minutes for 22 HDR Merges. 

Next job for me is to put the new dng file into the stack with the original three images. Which took far too long.

Every time I tried to merge four images in to a stack Lightroom had a wobble and I got the dreaded Lightroom (Not responding) top left on my screen. 

And then it seems to speed up. 

Lightroom missed 9 of the HDR Merges in the middle. Now to be fair that might have been down to me. 

16 minutes for 13 HDR Merges? 

I have to say that is not too bad. 

I will do the rest now. 

Rick McEvoy Photography