Remember when I deleted the Google Analytics App?

I was checking my Analytics too often. It was distracting me, and was basically a complete waste of my time! So I did the only thing and deleted the Google Analytics App from my phone, leaving it on my iPad only.



I did the same with the Squarespace Analytics App.


And also YouTube studio.


 Why did I do this? 

Simple - I was obsessed with checking the number of visitors to my website. I was checking much too often.

If I want to check any of these stats now I have to use my iPad. I have left these excellent Apps on my iPad. The logic is that to check my stats I have to use my iPad, which is much less available to me than my phone.

And this worked for a time. 

But, disappointingly, I found a way round this. Web based Google Analytics. Yes I managed to get this page on my iPhone, and all I need to do is refresh the page and there are the stats I want. 

I have removed that page now to stop this. I do not need to check analaytics as often as I do. I know that. 

To further compound the problem I now have three websites, this one which you are on now, and my new websites.

Photos of Santorini

is now pretty much complete


Paxos Travel Guide

which I am back working on.

All the more reason to check my analytics? Yes, but I will endeavour to not do.

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