Video of morning clouds at sunrise in Santorini by Rick McEvoy Photography Travel Photographer

I am way behind with the editing of my photos of Santorini

Other stuff has got in the way. So here is a video of the scene one morning at sunrise of the spooky but spectacular clouds down below as i went in search of something interetesting in the lovely town of Imerovigli.

In the words of Blue Peter - here’s one I prepared earlier! Youngsters - look this up or ask the olds. 

This is the view that greeted me that first fantastic morning in Santorini

I am going to get on with the photos that I am editing - to date I have produced 36 images, and have less than one hundred to to go. One slight problem here is that looking at some of the edits I have produced I feel that there are potentially better image captures of some of these scenes, so regrettably I am going to go back and make the process even longer!!! I am setting myself the very adventurous goal of completing all my Santorini photos by Thursday 28th February. February 2018 that is.

I might wait for the latest update to Lightroom which is rumoured to be on its way which will help with problems of the speed of the software - the problem is I do not know when this will happen - all I know is that this is apparently imminent.


No - I will persist with Lightroom and see how I get on. 

At the same time I am going to start my research into stock photography - these are separate activities which are done at separately allocated times of the day so one will not imapct on the other. Indeed getting my plan for stock photography up and running should give my image processing a bit of a nudge in the right direction.

Sorry if this post is a bit rambling and all over the place - I have lots of different things going on at the moment, so much so that I need to take a little backward step and get myself organised again. 

That is the job for tomorrow - get everything back in order. And sort out the plan going forward.

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