How am I getting on editing my photos of Santorini? More to the point, what is the future of Lightroom?

I was hoping to have a positive update on the processing of my photos of Santorini.

The only update is that progress is slow.

Lightroom and Photoshop problems. Which is hugely disappointing after the update of Lightroom Classic to Lightroom 7.2.

This post should have been about the wonderful images of Santorini that I have produced this week. But it is not. It is about Lightroom and Photoshop.


As I wrote yesterday, the speed improvements in Lightroom 7.2 have been targeted at higher end computers, those with 12GB or more.

I have 8GB. Unlucky me.

I am sure that Lightroom will be quicker on my Dell PC as it is currently configured. Well that is me being optimistic.

But I find this update rather strange. I never thought that Adobe would do such a thing. It feels like they are dividing and conquering – Lightroom CC is for the “non-professional” photographers for want of a better term. Lightroom Classic is for “professional photographers”.

I use these terms to differentiate between photographers who have, and regularly produce, significant numbers of photos, each of which are large files, and those who do not.

Now we seem to have a strengthening of the divide – if you have less than 12GB of RAM you will not see all the benefits of speed improvement to Lightroom.

As I said, I have 8GB or RAM, which has been fine up until now.   And now it seems that there is a bar of 12GB.

So what do I do?

Get more RAM, or get a new PC.

Fitting RAM in my PC terrifies me. It is about as appealing as cleaning the sensor on my Canon 6D.

Which is about as appealing as, well just not appealing at all (I couldnt think of a clean analogy!).

Get a new PC.   A quick look at what is out there and I will be spending circa £1500 on a decently specced PC. PC note – note a Mac. I have no interest in an Apple PC, much as I like my iPhone and iPad. I have used a Macbook and will not be buying one for myself.

The problem is, if I splash the cash on a new PC will that fix the problem with Lightroom? There was as story on DP Review about Paul Stamatiou, who did just this but without success. I have asked him if Lightroom 7.2 has improved Lightrooms performance on his uber cool custom built PC - and it did. So there is hope there.

The problem is that there is no real alternative at the moment. The issues I have with moving to any other software packages include

  • My Lightroom Catalogue and all the information/ edits
  • My need for Photoshop in the final stages of editing
  • The time invested in using Lightroom and Photoshop

Until the issue of my Lightroom Catalogue is resolved I am not changing to anything, meaning I am stuck with Lightroom for the foreseeable future.

This is an incredibly frustrating situation to be in – I have been deferring non-essential editing whilst waiting for Lightroom Classic 7.2 – that plan did not work though so I have to start looking at other options.

One thought is to do all the editing etc in Lightroom CC and then transfer over to Lightroom Classic. I am going to give this a go with a small set of images and see what happens.

Actually that sounds like a plan to me that I have literally come up with while writing this post – the power of writing eh! One for next week I guess.

Rick McEvoy Photography