Why I hate the physical design of the iPhone 7 Plus.

Sounds a bit dramatic! But seriously I hate the design of the iPhone 7 Plus.

Which does beg a question about iPhones, devices which are solely designed to be taken everywhere with you to allow you to spend your life straing at your device! Is the design of/ ergonomics of the iPhone a complete waste of time?

Yes. In my opinion a big yes.

It might look all smooth and rounded and all that, but there is a flaw. A fundamental flaw that drives me up the wall.

What is it?

Ever tried using an iPhone 7 plus without the case?

I have just tried that and do you know what - it is virtually impossible to securely hold. I managed two days, constantly worried about dropping it, before i had to put it back in a case. And that defeats the object of the design. To make it a useable device it has to be put in a case.

Ridiculous. But a lucrative market. Check out the cases on Amazon. Talking of which I am going to be getting another case, as anothe rcase has worn out. This time I am going for the

iPhone 8 Plus Case, Spigen® iPhone 7 Plus Case [Rugged Armor] Resilient [Black] Ultimate protection from drops and impacts for iPhone 8 Plus (2017) iPhone 7 Plus (2016)

Snappy title eh!

I wish Apple would design a phone that did not need a case. One that you could hold securely, one that did not have all those smooth, shiny surfaces that are so easy to damage.

I get that people love the Apple design of products - I for one hate it. What is the point of something being shiny and sleek if yo have to put it in case.

Rant over.

The phone is great on the inside - it is just the outside that I hate.

Rick McEvoy Photography