Why is nothing working today?

Ever had one of those days? Nothing works. That is my Friday so far. I wrote this at 8.15 before going out for a meeting.

What has not worked so far? 

Lightroom - slow and grizzly and working slowly at best. A bit like me.... 

Photoshop - just painful. It was behaving yesterday, but today I have had to give up. It is unusable. Client deadlines clearly are of no concern to Adobe these days. 

Wi-Fi - painfully slow. 

Word on my PC - just wouldn’t load. 

My Logitech Create keyboard on my iPad Pro - took a few goes to get this working. 

This is why I am writing this post. I have run out of time to produce what I was going to post, and the image I wanted to post. Mainly due to Photoshop and Lightroom being rubbish and wasting my time. 

So this is it - my daily post today is me complaining.  Sorry for this piece of grim reality.

I hope by the time this goes out things have improved (just under three hours will have gone). And I hope that your day has started better than mine! 

Rick McEvoy Photography