Production of my Santorini images is on hold.



That is enough. I have given up on Lightroom for now.

So it is time to get on with other stuff. Very frustrating, and the last thing that I want to do, but I have to wait for a fix now. 

And now that I have made that decision all that frustration has been put to one side. For now. But I feel better. For now.

What else am I going to get on with then? 

I have another Improve Photography publication date coming up - these fortnights seem to roll round ever so quick!

The next article is about how I take my architectural photography images. I need a title for this one. These articles were meant to run in parallel with the production of my Santorini images, but things have not quite worked out like that.

I can carry on with this article though - it is the editing one that is obviously causing me the problem. 

I have to come up with a title for this article, and come up with something for the mid March publication date.

Apart from that it is time to get my email inbox sorted. I have been looking into this, and have a brutal new plan to get on top of my emails. Once and for all.

And I also need to share some of the photos of Santorini that I have managed to produce. 

Apart from that I need to go back over what I have said I am going to do over the last few months and see what I have/ have not done.

That is always an interesting exercise. I need just one list in one place. I need a plan and way of making sure I do the numerous things that I want to do. The problem is that there is just too much going on in my head that needs sorting!

A random ramble today - apologies.  How about three days of photos of Santorini - yes I will do that next, whilst I try to find a fix for Lightroom.

Rick McEvoy Photography