Computer Maintenance - boring but important

Lightroom is slow. Adobe have contacted me via Twitter having seen one of my whinging posts. 

To be fair to above, they have suggested some things that I can do. 

I decided to take this a bit further, and spend some quality time sorting out stuff on my PC.

Turned out there were a few things that needed doing.

First thing was sort out my off site backup - there was a problem with my external hard drive which I store off site. So I removed all the WD software, and wiped the drive clean.

Which got me thinking - there must be programs on my PC that I do not use. 

So I went though to programs on my PC and removed a load of stuff that I never use. 

Another thing that needed sorting was Lightroom import backups. I got rid of all of them as well. 

And another thing - every time I load a set of images to my website I keep a set on my hard drive. Why? No idea. 

All gone. 

The originals are in Lightroom so I really did not need any of these files. 

I need to say at this point that, and this is going to sound obvious, you need to concentrate when doing mass deletions like this. So on with my headphones, on with Amazon Music and let the Scorpions Radio Station occupy me. 

I have learnt a painful lesson in only doing one thing at once. 

But not this time. Now I am on a roll. 

I have a folder called Picasa uploads on my desktop.  

QuickTime 7 - I dont even know what that is but have deleted it. 

OK - now I know that I should have checked the hard drive space on my PC before I started, but this exercise sort of grew (in a good way). But when I emptied my recycle bin I had freed up 37GB would you believe!! 

Next thing is to reinstall the WD backup software, and back up my external hard drive with Lightroom and image onto the other external hard drive before I do the drastic next thing. 

I think a reboot might be appropriate before embarking on the next stage thinking about. I have done quite a lot of stuff in the last hour or so. 

And at this point i also need to point something out - if this all goes pear shaped this blog post is a record of what I did, which i hope wont be invaluable but you just never know. 

Booting up the PC seemed a bit quicker too. 

I would like to give a quick shout out to my local PC repair shop, the laptop fixers, who sent out this timely article on speeding up your PC, which I was planning on doing today anyway, 

This is the article  

I have reinstalled the WD backup software but this is not working. I will have to do this a different way. 

My Pictures folder (which is on a 4TB external hard drive) is 1.39TB which surprised me - I thought this was a lot bigger. I am copying this to the recently cleared external hard drive using Windows Explorer - old school I know but reliable. 

But what else is on this hard drive? I dread to think. 

I will do the same with the Lightroom Catalogue also on this external hard drive. But no - when I looked the Lightroom Catalogue is within this large folder being copied over so that should be that.

And next will be whatever Lightroom Catalogues are on my PC hard drive.  I think that this might be an issue that I need to deal with.

Once I have all these things in another location, clearly labelled, I will delete the Lightroom Catalogues from my PC hard drive, as Lightroom should be using the Lightroom Catalogue on my external drive only. 

And then reality kicked in - this process is going to take circa 10 hours. I am going to cancel this and set this mass move of data for later on. 

Thankfully I realised that all I needed to do was pause this, so I can let it carry on as and when it needs to. 

And the files on my PC totalled 127GB. I am thinking of just deleting them as they should not be there - that is why I am copying them somewhere else first. That might give my back another 127GB of hard drive space too., which should make a difference to everything. Interestingly copying these files resulted in an error message as Lightroom was open, which suggests that these files are being used by Lightroom.

30 minutes to copy the files from my PC hard drive to my external hard drive - not too bad.  OK that went up to 2 1/2 hours!

And as for deleting them - That will be a brave move! 

But I sense a necessary one.

I do not know why this additional catalogue is on my hard drive to be honest. 

 A thought that has come to me - I need a separate hard drive for videos, as I wnat these on my PC to. THey are going to fill up my iPhone/ iPad and I want to be able to organise them in Lightroom - I will leave that job for another time.

88GB to go on the first data transfer, time to pause everything and have a little dive into Lightroom - I need some new images for my home page which is due for a refresh. 

And also 6 images for a new Dorset business listing that I have just signed up to. 

Rick McEvoy Photography