It’s a question of quality over quantity - how I improved my internet content and saved myself time

I have had a thought. I write a daily photography blog. That is fine. It contains a mix of short posts, videos, images and longer text posts.

A good variety of content.

I have been frantically trying to catch up on sharing my blog posts - I am up to 14th December 2017. And that was when the thought hit me. 

Do I really need to share every blog post?

I was looking at how best to share 6 weeks worth of blog posts and get up to date, and that was when the thought hit me. 

No. I don’t.

What I have been doing is a mechanical process. I was doing this with my blog to maintain daily content before I mixed up the content, as described above. 

No I do not need to share every blog post - I need to share the blog posts that need sharing, not everything, and also to improve the quality of how I share these posts. 

And this is what I am now doing. 

Let’s see what happens to my web stats, which are on a remarkable rise at the moment anyway. 

Quality over quantity. A very important point.  And it will save me time too! What’s not to love!

Rick McEvoy - Photography Blogger