Another hour of computer stuff - dull in the extreme. But important!

I have had to go into the administrator account to see what is going on with my PC. I have had to use the cmd prompt, and type in an actual command on a black screen with a flashing cursor. That took me back some years.

And for you youngsters who know an iPad/ iPhone only dont worry about this - hopefully you will need to do this. 

Administrator account is like going back to when I bought the PC, stripped back to virtually nothing. 

The theory is that I can open Lightroom and Photoshop from the administrator account and see if it runs faster - it may be that there is a conflict somewhere within my Windows set up that is causing Adobe to be slow. 

Fair enough - if it is down to me and I can fix it and get lightning fast Lightroom I am more than happy to do this - I can hardly blame Adobe if my PC is slowing down Lightroom can I? 

Of course starting up the administrator account has required Kapersky to update its databases, which I will just let it do, and type this. Once this is done I am going to try Creative Cloud again - I did try it but it hung on an update that I should not have selected to be honest.

After a reboot the Creative Cloud loaded just fine, and the update to Photoshop is being installed. 

Rick McEvoy Photography