An update on me sorting out my computer

This is the record of what I have done to date. And unless time proves otherwise it appears to all be going rather well.

  1. Copied all the photos onto my new 4TB external hard drive
  2. Copied the Lightroom Catalogue i was using from my PC hard drive and placed on the new external hard drive with all the photos. Lightroom should work more quickly now as the catalogue and actual files Lightroom references are on the same drive. 
  3. Copies all the files in the Pictures folder onto another external hard drive. I should be able to work just fine without them and delete all this lot. 
  4. Removed my old 4TB external hard drive that I was using.
  5. Tested Lightroom and Photosho pay editing an image which was ok, and once sent to Photoshop when I saved the image it appeared right where it is supposed to in Lightroom. 
  6. Shut down my PC, and disconnect the other external hard drive. 

This leaves with my computer in the following status

All my documents/ music are on my PC hard drive. 

All my photos are on my new 4TB external hard drive. 

And that is it. 

There is more work to do, which is as follows (might as well capture it all now whilst it is fresh in my mind). 

  1. Update my Lightroom import presets
  2. Decide where I want my import backups to go. 
  3. Sort out the stuff in my documents folders and make sure these are up to date and synced with the cloud. 
  4. Sort out the files on my external hard drives. I now have less data, programs, unwanted stuff and general digital junk so this will be easier to organise. 
  5. Update my backup plan - things are now slightly different and I have one more external hard drive I can use.

Talking of which - when I am ready I need to wipe my dodgy external hard drive and see if it is OK or not.

I am thinking off wiping my PC and starting again as well - after all with all the hard drives I now have this will be an easier task than it would have been. 

Sorting and rationalsing all my files - I need to do that as I have done for my emails. 

One final point for now - all of these things are still being automatically backed up to the cloud using Backblaze.

Things are looking up - all I want is to be able to get on with my Santorini photos, which hopefully I can do happily and speedily next week. 

Rick McEvoy Photography