Check out this Fiat 500C lounge with a moving sky!

Fiat 500C Lounge with a moving sky

The original photo of the FIat 500C Loungs

The original photo of the FIat 500C Loungs

I created this image with a moving sky using the app Plotaverse.

Ploatverse is a cool app that adds motion to a photo. In this case I added the movement to the clouds, which makes perfect sense to e as clouds do move! 

The original image was taken on my Canon 6D with Canon 17-40mm lens. Camera settings were as follows

THree images captured and merged together in Lightroom. 

APerture - F4

ISO 100

SHutter speeds - 1/1000th second, 1/4000th second and 1/250th second.

FOcal length 17mm

Not sure why I went with F4 to be honest - doesn’t make much sense to me when I ma using a 17mm focal length but I guess it does prove a point - who actually care as what the aperture was?

What matters os the image only. 

SOrry - where was I. Oh yes - I merged the two of the three images in Lightroom to create and brand new dng file. THis is my favourite thing that I do when taking photos.

I did a bit of tidying up of the image in Photoshop, and then that was that. Still image sdone. I was after a bright, vibrant colourful image, which is what I got. 

WHich is good.

And at some point later, probably an ideal moment, I decided to add some movement to the picture using Plotaverse.

And this is the resultant image. Image with animation that is. 

One thing I need to say - when you create an image in Plotaverse it is in a timeless loop - the loop is fixed in time when you export an image out - there are presets for this optimised for various social media outlets. 

I hope that you like this picture of a Fiat 500 which is a little bit different. 

Rick McEvoy Photography