What Antivirus software do I use?

I have just moved my antivirus patronage to Total AV.

I found it from the website The 10 Best Antivrus.com website.

And this goes to prove the enormous power of search engines and web content. All I typed into Google was antivirus software.

And this was the first thing I came across.

With lots of good reviews.

So not only do I have new antivrius software, I have just dealt myself a reminder of the importance of the search engines in the online world.

And the importance and power of customer reviews.

I will write about this new antivirus software as I get used to it - all I want is for my computer to be protected and for it to run in the background and not constantly scanning and flashing up irritating messages. 

Which I found my previous antivirus software did a little too much for my liking. 

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