And now that all that is sorted back to my Santorini photos - that and some other stuff

Lots of things sorted. Some new gear to try out. Some new products to review. And some new stuff to work on.

And a new client.

Apart from that....

Finally I am going to be giving myself the time to finish my photos of Santorini.

I have edited 50 images, and now with everything working so well on my PC I am looking forward to completing this enjoyable task by the end of March (2018 that is).

And all this work has given me an idea that I am going to act on - on my next article for the Improve Photography website I am going to write about one of the Santorini photos - I already know which one it is going to be.

I am going to write about this one image and only this one image. I am going to take the time to explain how I got the shot I love so much.

I am going to write about

  • Location
  • Composition
  • Gear
  • Image Capture
  • Processing

I have to say that I am enjoying narrowing my writing down to single things - I will have no problem producing 2000 - 4000 words on one image, with screen shots, behind the scenes footage and all that.

And I am going to research a snappy title too - that was a note for myself there!

And this thought process has extended to the next logical thing I need to do - capture all this stuff when I am out and about in lovely places taking photos - on video and stills - this stuff makes articles about images come to life.

I have been getting better at this, and the trip to Santorini was the first time I have captured behind the scenes stuff  properly.

I hope to have news soon about an addition to my gear, provided by one of the major camera manufacturers, which is tremendously exciting for me in many ways.

I hope to be able to write about this at the end of this month.

Rick McEvoy Photography