How long does it take to transfer over 1TB of photos from one hard drive to another?

I am copying all my photos from one external hard drive to another. I think there is a problem with the 4TB hard drive I am using. That or the data is in a bit of a mess.

This is the plan. 

  • Copy all the photos to a new 4TB external hard drive. 
  • Copy the Lightroom catalogue from my PC hard drive to the new 4TB external hard drive.  I have a backup copy on another hard drive.
  • Disconnect the old hard drive.
  • Use Lightroom using the new hard drive and catalogue.

And to prove this I am going to try to use Lightroom on my old Dell laptop. 

Lets see how this goes. 

I will report back tomorrow with progress, but to answer the first question

Over 1 day! 

Then the message improved to 4 1/2 hours. Having written this I am off out  - this is where things are up to 


That is pretty good progress I have to say. Shout out to Dell and Western Digital!

If Lightroom works ok using the new external hard drive on my old laptop I might bite the bullet and send my PC off for some investigative works. 

See you all tomorrow for an update. 

Rick McEvoy Photography