What’s new in photo editing software? Check out what Skylum have just done!!

An email popped into my inbox yesterday afternoon. 

Luminar 13042018.PNG

 “Rick, the new Luminar Jupiter is here. Learn what's new and be amazed.“

And a link to this page on the Skylum website.

What’s this all about then? 

Well you can check out this Peta Pixel article about the claimed speed improvements.

And it sounds like the new version is a lot quicker.

My only problem is that all my images are in a Lightroom Catalogue, and there is lots of inforamtion and data within this Lightroom Classic Catalogue, and Luminar does not have this feature, so Luminar Jupiter will, at the moment, be in addition to Lightroom, not instead of.

I am going to give it a go - it would be nice to try something new on my photos of Santorini!

Rick McEvoy Photography