What difference has doubling the RAM made to my PC?

Massive is the short answer.


I had 8GB of RAM on my Dell PC. Now I have 16GB, courtesy of Crucial.

The first time I booted up my computer after fitting the RAM it did not appear to be that much quicker.

It was when I started working though. Programmes open quicker, Excel and Word are much faster, and switching between tabs is quicker too.

And the big question – how are Lightroom and Photoshop? Or as I used to say “Is Lightroom Classic faster?”

  • Lightroom and Photoshop fire up much quicker.
  • Previews load quicker
  • Switching modules is much quicker
  • Editing is much quicker
  • I am even using the spot removal tool in Lightroom again, which had slowed so much that I had to remove sensor dust spots using Photoshop

I am enjoying working with Lightroom again - it is like being reunited with an old friend!!

My computer is much faster, and Lightroom is running just as quickly as it did a few years ago.

That was the best £140 I have spent in a long time, giving me significant increases in productivity across the board, and making image processing significantly quicker.

And making me smile. Now that is worth the money on its own!

If your PC is running slow you should consider this. And don’t forget – I fitted the RAM myself with no problems at all!

And I am the last person normally to do stuff like that.

Rick McEvoy Photography