There are some new black and white profiles in Lightroom Classic 7.3

Mono profiles 15052018.PNG

There are 17 different looks in the black and white profiles in Lightroom. And you can view them very quickly by just hovering over them.

I have to say I am loving this change in Lightroom Classic 7.3, and am looking forward to playing around with these black and white “profiles” on a variety of images.

Will this new feature in Lightroom sort my black and white image processing software problem out? 

Well hopefully it willl - if I can keep this all in Lightroom then great - this will make life much easier for me. 

I used to love Nik Silver Efex Pro, but this was killed off by Google last year. It is being revived by DxO in 2018 which will be interesting! 

I have just added myself to the DxO mailing list - lets see what they come up with. 

In the meantime I am going to have a good old play with producing black and white photos in Lightroom - I will post some photos once I have done them.

Rick McEvoy Photography