What was I writing about 12 months ago on my photography blog?

This is the blog post from 9th April 2017. I like going back to see what I was up to in the past!

Landscape photography in Hampshire by Rick McEvoy

Landscape photography in Hampshire by Rick McEvoy

Before I go on, take a look at the image below. Can you see the difference?  (Apart from the fact that this image is darker than the image above).

Picture of Picket Post illuminated by the spring sunshine

Picture of Picket Post illuminated by the spring sunshine

The difference is the ring around the sun,

The second image was the first one I produced. I left Deghost on when I created the HDR image in Lightroom. I forgot to deselect it. There is a significant amount of affected pixels in this image. 

The top image is the one I produced in Lightroom without any Deghost at all - I did not need it after all, and this image is a lot cleaner. 

I won't try to explain. Adobe have already done this here

  1. "Sometimes, after the exposure-bracketed images are merged, some areas in the HDR image may appear unnaturally semi-transparent. Select one of the following deghosting option in the HDR Merge Preview dialog box to correct these anomalies: None, Low, Medium, or High. Try Low deghosting first to obtain a clean merged image. Try higher settings if necessary.

    Low: Cures little or minor movement between frames
    Medium: Cures considerable movement between frames
    High: Cures high movement between frames

    You can preview the effect of these settings right within the dialog box. If necessary, choose to view the deghost overlay."

The important thing to remember is only do the things you need to do when processing an image. 

Even more important is to photograph interesting scenes in interesting light!

End of the post from 12 months ago.

A few things that I have improved since this post.

1 - I have sorted out my blog post URLs, which is important for sharing and future reference.

2 - I have stopped adding the date to the bottom of blog posts - this caused all sorts of confusion when I rescheduled posts which showed one date but wre published on another date!

3 - The date issued applied to the blog URL as well - now I check those as part of the review process.

4 - External links are now selected to open in a new window, which maintains the visit to my website. Internal links to other pages of my website do not, as they are on my website anyway, and I don't want to annoy someone with multiple pages of me open in their browsers!

It is good to go back in time 12 months, and see what has improved in that time. And even better that things have improved to provde higher quality blog posts.

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