How is my website performing? An interim update on my SEO work.

Pretty well. 

Check out the screenshots from Google Analytics on my iPhone

Tuesday 24th April 2018


Wednesday 25th April 2018


Thursday 26th April 2018


Friday 27th April 2018


Saturday 28th April 2018


Sunday 29th April 2018


Monday 30th April 2018


Tuesday 1st May


Wednesday 2nd May


I obssess a little too much about my Google Analytics, but it is intersting to see what has happened over a 7 day period.

I have witnessed daily growth, hitting 600 users for the first time which is great news. And maintaining that level too.

543 daily users to 632 in a week is fantastic progress.

My target was 1000 visitors per month to my website by the end of 2018 - it is looking like I will achieve this sooner.

I will provide another update in June 2018 - lets see how I am getting on then.

And I am getting more enquiries for commercial photography work, which is more important than mere trafffic, and also other commercial enquiries which are very interesting.

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