Why don’t keywords transfer from Lightroom Classic to Lightroom Mobile?

I suspected that this was the case. Add keywords in Lightroom Classic and they do not appear in the image in Lightroom Mobile.

This is a real pain to be honest, and I do not know why this happens. 

The other metadata does

  • Filename
  • Title
  • Caption
  • Copyright

And all the image capture metadata? 

So why not the keywords?

Check out this image, which is featured in my latest article on Improve Photography

This is the Lightroom Classic image showing the Title, Capton, Copyright and filename.


But when I go to the keyword tab, just above the info tab in the bottom right hand corner, this is what I get in Lightroom Mobile.



Here is a screenshot of the same image in Lightroom Classic 7.3 taken from my PC. 

Bordeaux blog 07052018.PNG

So what is going on? Time to ask Adobe.

Rick McEvoy Photography