How I process my architectural photography images

Today at 5pm BST my next article is published on the Improve Photography website.

I have already produced these articles on my work as an architectural photographer. 

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There will be one final wrap up article where I summarise the questions that readers of the Improve Photography website have asked. 

Back to the article being published later on today.

I write about the processing of one image. This picture of the interior of the magnificent Bordeaux Cathedral.

Bordeaux Cathedral by Rick McEvoy Architectural Photographer

Bordeaux Cathedral by Rick McEvoy Architectural Photographer

I process my work using Lightroom, using Photoshop to clean up an image and remove unwanted stuff., and conclude with some closing thoughts.

This is all I do. 

I will write more about this article tomorrow, but for now check out Improve Photography at 5pm for the full article. And please ask questions in the comments box at the end of the article.

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