How to do HDR Merge in Lightroom with one of my photos of Santorini

Now I am back into my editing I want to explain how I have edited some of the images. I published this image last Friday. I posted the three RAW files in this post which you can get to here.

I want to talk about how to use HDR MErge in Lightroom in this post. 

As a reminder, I am merging three images taken as a bracketed set; 

Bracketing set to take three shots

  • 1 st photo the correct exposure
  • 2 nd photo 2 stops underexposed
  • 3 rd photo 2 stops over exposed

That is how I get the bracketed set of images

I want to merge the images together, and this is how I do it step by step. I should have called this my step bu step guide to how to use HDR MErge in Lightroom - oh well it is in the next now! 

First thing is to select the images in Lightroom. I do this by clicking on the first image, and then holding down the xx key and clicking on the other two images in the set of three.

Next I use the keyboard shortcut Control H to open up the dialogue box. 

Keyboard shortcuts

Before I go on, a quick word about keyboard shortcuts. I sue these all the time, and time is what they save me. They massively speed up my editing in Lightroom, and I recommend you check out the skull list of Lightroom keyboard shortcuts here INSERT LINK

HDR Merge dialogue box


Step by step walkthrough



 Tomorrow I will explain the rest of the image processing I carried out on this one photo.


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