Are these the best wireless headphones ever? (I think so)

In my opinion yes. A big yes. I absolutely love these headphones from Apple. I am talking about Apple Airpods.

Why?  Well this post could have been "10 reasons why I love my Apple Air Pods".

  1. They just work
  2. Put them in your ears and they turn on
  3. Double tap to start playing whatever you were listening to
  4. Take them out of your ears and they turn off
  5. You can use one or both
  6. The sound quality is great
  7. The case has a battery in it
  8. The case charges the Air Pods
  9. They are cool
  10. They work in such a delightful way
Apple Airpods 2 27072018.PNG

Sure they are not cheap, but unlike the Apple Watch which I did not get at all these work faultlessly and stylishly, and I absolutely love them. 

Since my lovely wife bought them for my birthday I have used them every day, and every time I use them they just make me smile. 

And I am not saying that these headphones have the best sound quality, I am sure there are technically better wireless headphones. Not that the sound of these is not great.

I am talking about the user experience - it is just immense.  This is me speaking as someone who works all over the place, with an iPad Pro and iPhone as my mobile office

Thank you Apple, for Apple AirPods. You can get them from Amazon here

Rick McEvoy ABIPP - Photographer, writer, blogger