Photos of Santorini - delays in the production of my new website

 Travel photography, Santroini, Greece by Rick McEvoy Photography

I have got stuck in Wordpress themes, and have had to defer the production of my new website, photos of Santorini. Not happy about that but it is the holiday season here in the UK and life has to take priority.

So my new website is now on hold until 1st September, when I will reconvene. I would rather do a proper job then than try to rush it now. I am going to spend as much time as I need in September on my new website, which I am still very excited about!

Next I am going to write a series of quick photography tips, and then publish 10 of the Santorini photos that did not make the cut.

Like this one to the right - why is this photo not going to be featured? One reason - it could hav ebeen taken anywhere. I can always add it in later, as I do rather like this photo. And I remember being there and taking this shot.

Happy memories of Santorini....

Rick McEvoy ABIPP