Product Photography At Home Using This £10 Amazon Accessory

I photograph buildings and places - I am not a product photographer, but needed to be rather quickly. Blimey| How do I do this?

Product photography at home was my only option. In this post I will explain to you how I used my existing camera gear and the Photo Studio Tent from Amazon to create, in three hours at home, the photos which you can see in this post.

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Installing Excire Search plugin for Lightroom

I am currently initialising the Excire Search plugin for Lightroom.

Excire search for Lightroom 13112018.PNG

Whilst I am excited to try out this cool looking software I have to wait for the software to get acquainted with all the images in my Lightroom Catalogue.

As there are over 60,00 images this may take some time. Which is fair enough.

Excire initialisation screen 13112018.PNG

When you get Excire please remember that after the slick installation there is a process called initialisation that you have to go through, as I am now.

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