6 weeks on from the switch from .co.uk to .com

And where am I now? To be honest I am back to where I was. I need another week to analyse the data I think, so please pop back to my blog in 7 days if you are interested in knowing the effect of going from a website with a .co.uk to a .com URL.

This will give me another week of the changes impacting which will hopefully tell me more. And also to record what I had to do to make this change, which will hopefully help you if you are thinking of changing your top level domain.

Amalytics 12072018.PNG

There is lots to know. Here are the headlines

1 - Website traffic volumes

These plummeted, but came back strongly and my search volumes have gone up.

2 - Keyword rankings.

These went off the scale, but are gradually restoring themselves.

3 - Analytics

Things have changed here - I need more time to analyse and extract the data.

4 - Demographics

I now get more global visitors to my webiste.

5 - Work

The number of business enquiries has gone up. If this does not happen none of the rest matters.

Check back to my photography blog in a week for a full update.

Rick McEvoy ABIPP - Photography Blogger

To .com or to .co.uk? Which is the best top level domain?

Google me extract 03072018.PNG

Has it worked for me?

Which is the best top level domain?

I guess it depends.

Time will tell. I will provide an update on Bastille Day - this is 6 weeks after the switch to .com. That is the 14th July. And my birthday!

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