Bracklesham Bay - vibrant sunset shot - the fogotten picture of Hampshire I completely forgot about

Bracklesham Bay sunset by Rick McEvoy Hampshire Photographer

Bracklesham Bay sunset by Rick McEvoy Hampshire Photographer

I really had forgotten about this, one of my very very best pictures of Hampshire.

I was looking for something else in my Lightroom catalogue, and noticed this lovely shot. Unedited, just sat there all alone and forgotten. So I had to work on it and release it out into the digital world!

What was I thiinking not choosing this shot???

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Bracklesham Bay - stunning Hampshire landsape photography - sunset shot with flat water and a seemingly endless sky!

Bracklesham Bay by Rick McEvoy Hampshire Photographer

Bracklesham Bay by Rick McEvoy Hampshire Photographer

A strong contender for my Hampshire photography page is this sunset shot taken at Bracklesham Bay in Hampshire.

A nice image for a Saturday morning after a long week.

Having spent all yesterday going on about the photography work I specialise in, namely

Architectural photography

Commercial photography

Industrial photography

I have decided to change course, and post and write about a nice picture of Hampshire.

I love shots like this. This really was a case of being in the right place at the right time. And the funny thing is – I have never been back? Only been there once. Oh no sorry I went back once and the weather was hideous, but I really must return, to what is an unusual Hampshire coastal view for me – I am much more familiar with being on the other side of Hampshire.

This image was edited dome time ago. I am enjoying going back to older images and seeing what I can do with them now with the tools I have and the knowledge gained since taking and editing some of my old landscape photography work. I am also doing this with some of my architectural photography work to.

I will post the new versions on my blog in the future, along with the original edits, and try to explain the difference.

Hopefully the new images will be better, but you never know….

If you don’t see an updated version of this Hampshire landscape photography image you know what happened…

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