Rick McEvoy Photography Portfolio - where do I go from here?

Well I have learnt a lot. Having your worked critiqued by someone who really knows what they are talking about is so useful.

I was particularly pleased as some of the comments I sort of knew were coming, and I have a great direction to go in now.

So what next?

I have to remove some of the images from my portfolio. When I say portfolio, I have decided that I am going to have two portfolios.

I am going to have a commercial photography portfolio and a landscape photography portfolio. My commercial portfolio will be my building related work. My landscape photography portfolio will be called, Landscape Photography Portfolio. Snappy eh?

The point being that my website is focused on my commercial photography work, which in my case is;

  1. Architectural photography
  2. Building Photography
  3. Construction Photography
  4. Commercial Photography
  5. Industrial Photography
  6. Interior Photography
  7. Property Photography

I am also going to review the keywords above at the same time, to make sure I am making the most effective use of my work going forward. No point targeting areas of photography work that no one is looking for! And as this will be the basis of everything going forward a very worthwhile exercise. This exercise will identify if I need to change the structure of my website, and how I post to my blog and other social platforms. So yes time spent now will hopefully reap rewards in the future.

This is after all not an overnight thing – I am trying to build very solid business foundations for the future.

Back to the images. I need 30 images for my portfolio. (My Landscape Photography Portfolio will be done once this is completed).

And I have a few ideas for images that fit better in my portfolio, and I know for sure which ones are to be removed.

And as part of this selection process I will look afresh at each image for content and how the image was edited. There will be an amount of further work on each image, which I am going to do one image at a time.

That is something else I have learnt.

Do one thing at a time. Don’t try to do everything all the time, as you don’t get anywhere.

And each polished image I produce will provide fresh, quality content for my blog. And some of these images will go to my picture stock libraries and be available for commercial sale.

It takes a long time – well it too me a long time – to put everything together, but I now feel content that I have a plan going forward which gives me work to focus on in a structured way which provides benefits in various different directions.

Of course this development is as well as a full time days’ work but if it was easy everyone would do it!

There is some interesting stuff that I have to do, and some tedious stuff, but this time next year I hope to be writing from a completely different place with my photography business.

Thank you for reading this post, and I hope you enjoy reading about the creation of my new photography portfolio, which will culminate with a standalone portfolio page, and maybe even a separate portfolio website!

Pop back to my blog tomorrow at


for the next update, and hopefully a new image. That should kick start the next stage of the process nicely for me.