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This page is dedicated to my work as a Dorset photographer work. I have included 12 Dorset images on this page which represent the county of Dorset for me.

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I regularly update the images on this page, which is pretty much exclusively my Dorset landscape photography work. My commercial work can be viewed on my other pages, along with my photographs taken in Bournemouth, Poole and Sandbanks.

This set of Dorset pictures was assembled on April 2016, and includes the following subjects.

Popular Dorset locations

  • Durdle Door
  • Kimmeridge Bay
  • Bats Head
  • Portland Bill Lighthouse
  • Mupe Bay
  • West bay beach
  • Portland viewed from Ringstead bay
  • The Cove Shop, Lulworth Cove

As well as the following scenes which are not Dorset photography locations specifically, but are nice scenes I have spotted on my travels around this lovely county.

  •  A bight yellow field near Dorchester with tractor trails
  • A field near Winterbourne Abbas with a dreamy sky
  • Moody morning mist in central Dorset
  • Another dreamy shot – this one of a tree lined driveway photographed on a misty morning.

You can purchase any of my Dorset photos, like I said there are lots more photos of Dorset in my collection.

 If you have a specific location that you would like me to photograph get in touch with me. And of course if you require some high quality photography in Dorset then get in touch. I specialise in architectural, commercial and industrial photography, but my photographic skills can be used to capture a broader variety of images.

My photography business is just me – I take all the images and process them myself in Lightroom, Photoshop and the odd extra bit of software. I am fully conversant with all the latest trends techniques and processes in photography. I don’t have the fanciest photography kit on the market, but what I have is pro standard. I have an interesting collection of accessories which enable me to take photographs from different views and angles. I am always trying new things, and my work is fresh and ever evolving.

When you commission me for your photography work one thing you will always get is my passion, drive and enthusiasm for my craft.

Back to Dorset. I am very fortunate to live and work in Dorset, and get a lot of my landscape images when I am travelling around the county doing my regular commercial photography work. I use the photos of Dorset to practise new techniques both in image capture and processing, and any good new things I learn get applied to my commercial work.

 The best place to go to see what I am up to is my blog, which you can get to at I post to my blog every day, often posting new Dorset photography work. I write about photography, my work, what is new in the photography industry, and also offer tips and tricks that I pick up along the way.

 When I post images I often explain my camera settings, and how I have processed the images in Lightroom and Photoshop. I also post experimental work using new techniques and software, so there is always something new to read about.

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Dorset Photography Collection - one final thought - check what your images look like on other devices

This applies to all images that you are going to share/ sell/ publish/ give away.

Check them on another device. How do they look to others???

I have just done this and a couple of my Dorset landscape photography shots were, to be perfectly honest, too dark.

They look absolutely fine on my 24" fancy studio monitor.

But this gallery collection is not for me - it is for everyone else.

I check images on my Iphone, and also on other peoples monitors at their workplaces - it is vital that I know what they are seeing, not what I am seeing in my controlled environment.

IPhone and Ipad screens are very accurate, and a good gauge of what an image should look like. Dont worry about the white balance though - you need to get this right in a controlled environemnt as Iphones/ Ipdas are viewed in all sorts of light which will impact on how the image appears to the person viewing the image - the colours will reflect the light around them.

Hope this quick photography tip will help you on this Saturday morning - no image today as the construction photography shoot is with the client for proofing/ approval.

That lovely Dorset field shot - rich deep vibrant colours under a moving sky

Field by Rick McEvoy Dorset Photographer

Field by Rick McEvoy Dorset Photographer

This is image number 11 for my page dedicated to Dorset Photography. A picture of a field near Winterbourne Abbas, outside Dorchester on the A35 to Exeter.

Now believe it or not I have photographed this field a lot. It is not one of your classic Dorset pictures - it could be anywhere, but no I like it as it represents part of Dorset to me. Dorset landscape photography is not just landmarks, for me it is also the details within the overall landscape as well.

I like the textures and shapes in this field.

I have delibarately added a heavy vignette to this shot, as i wanted something sytlised to go amongst the othe pictures of Dorset. Something a little bit different.

The common theme running through all my pictures of Dorset I have just realised is the richness and depth of the colours within each image which I like a lot.

Thats all from me for today - I must go and get another lovely rich Dorset image to make up the set of twelve pictures of Dorset, which I will post tomorrow, then it is back to my portfolio via a number of Nik software related diversions!

Call back tomorrow at for Doset image number 12