How to make money from stock photography – join me as I start my journey selling my photography work

How to make money from stock photography? Now there is a question, and one that I will be looking at as part of the next piece of work I am going to undertake – finally I am going to start work on my pictures of Santorini. The production of these images will have a logical end point, namely this.

OK – I have a great set of pictures of Santorini – what do I do with them? And more importantly, how do I make money from them?

I believe that the key to a successful photography business is to have a range of diverse income streams.

Stock photography is one market I want to explore.

This is my aim,.

By the end of 2018 I want to have enough good and relevant images on stock sites to produce a tangible income. I want to get 1000 images onto stock sites asap, and then add to them as part of my daily work. If I can get to 5000 images by the end of 2018 I will consider that a success. And a beginning.

This will no doubt also lead to me taking photographs for stock markets, which is fine and is another logical and natural extension of my current photography work.

I will also look at video. Not only on my iPhone but also using my DSLR – I know brave new world. Making videos on my Canon DSLR!

And time for me to invest in a DJI Osmo! Another post for another time.

Stock video is the future surely.

So much to write about!

The other thing I need to work on is the quality of audio for the types of videos I want to produce and publish on my photography blog/ You Tube - ones with me talking. To get better audio quality I will using the Rode Video Mic Me, kindly supplied to me by Rode for a product review on Improve Photography scheduled for January 2018 (which I have just added to the media calendar).

Back to the beginning of my looking to stock photography. I am clearing the decks for a pleasurable two months working on my Santorini images from earlier on this year – I have waited far too long for this and now is time.

And like I said earlier the outputs of this work will feed into the stock stuff I will be looking at. I am going to start my research into stock with the set of edited photographs of Santorini, however many that may be.

I have had a realisation - the realisation that I need to go through my Lightroom Catalogue from start to finish and get everything that has a commercial value out there on the internet where it can earn money.

No point having work sat on my hard drive doing nothing now is there?

But one problem - where do I begin? I begin by researching the subject properly. Researching before I expend any time and effort.

This is how I roll these days – actual looking into things before getting stuck into them. I am giving myself the two months I have given myself to work on my Santorini pictures to look at this at the same time.

And to start my research I am going to read a book.

Now not a book as in a paper thing – no – I have just bought a Kindle from Amazon and am reading the book on that. The Kindle is the subject of another post.

The book is called Getting Started in Stock Photography, which I bought from Amazon. It is written by Steve Heap.

I came across Steve Heap when he was interviewed on the Improve Photography Podcast, episode 232. It was an excellent  episode, and I learned in that episode that Steve sells primarily landscape and travel photography images.

Which is what I want to do. Well my photography work consists of three elements

You see where I am going with this?

I will report back in January with an update once I have finished with my Santorini photos.

Rick McEvoy Photography – Stock Photographer

And now a series of new pictures of Bournemouth which you can find on my Bournemouth Photographer web page

I have come up with a new selection of pictures of Bournemouth for my Bournemouth photographer web page.

I wanted a new set of images, as this page needed a refresh. I edited the images in Lightroom Mobile on my iPad, having used the collections in Lightroom to get down to 12 images. I will write about each image over the next 12 days on my blog.

When I got to the end of the selection, the next job was to delete the images that were there before. This is when I came across a picture of the stadium at AFC Bournemouth taken some time ago. I decided that I needed to get a new picture of the stadium as AFC Bournemouth are quite big news these days what with being in the Barclays Premier League!

So that is a job for me to do. I want a new image as the ones I have are a bit old, and I feel that my image capture is much more refined these says.

And then there is the commercial photography work I have done. I need to go through that lot and see if there is anything appropriate for my web page all about my Bournemouth photography. I have photographed many construction sites in Bournemouth, and construction sites and construction products which form parts of the development of Bournemouth University.

So, my initial choice of 12 pictures did not include any commercial photography work, nor any pictures of construction sites or development work in Bournemouth.

Which does lead me onto the question of what are people hoping to see in a web page about photographs of Bournemouth? Obviously I need to get the maximum benefit out of the keyword Bournemouth photographer and variations on that theme.

That is the question. I will get the new picture of the Vitality Stadium at AFC Bournemouth and see how a set of 12 images looks.

I hope that you like the series of Bournemouth photographs, and would like to invite anyone needing any photography work carrying out in Bournemouth to get in touch with me by phone, email or using my contact page.

I am writing about photographs taken by myself in Bournemouth, but would also like to direct new readers to my photography blog to the following pages on my website which are specific to these areas of my commercial photography work, namely

Architectural photographer

Commercial photographer

Construction photographer

Construction product photographer

Industrial photographer

Interior photographer

Landscape photographer

Product photographer

Property photographer

Travel photographer

Ok after going through that lot I am going to restrict this page to pictures of Bournemouth only - ones that people looking for pictures of Bournemouth might find interesting. And that will include the picture of the Vitality Stadium, the home of AFC Bournemouth.

Rick McEvoy MCIOB, LBIPPBournemouth Photographer

A job I have to do with my photography blog in February

The job is? 

Clear out my draft photography blog posts. There are rather a lot of them. and every time I want to get to a scheduled post I have to scroll all the way down through these posts!

Which made me ask the question - why are they there? 

More to the point - why have I not posted them? 

I have more than enough new content I am working on so February is the month when this will all be sorted.

Lots of new stuff for you all to read/ look at in February then!! There are lots of image which I have edited on my iPad Pro and iPhone using Lightroom Mobile. This is in part from my trying to sort out my Lightroom Catalogue, and also due to my impatience when I have some new images to work on.

The sorting of the Lightroom Cataloge didn't go that well to be honest. That job rolls over. 


Yet again. 

By the end of February 2017 I will have an empty draft folder in my photography blog. Ideas now get out somewhere else.

And maybe even a new look and feel to my Squarespace website? 

Lots to look forward to here in February 2017!  and hopefully the rain will stop soon down here in not so sunny Dorset..

Rick McEvoy Photography

Tuesday 31st January 2017