An introduction to the next new page on my website - my very important architectural photographer web page.

Yesterday I posted the same post about my interior photographer page as I did on Wednesday. I have no idea why.

Moving on, it should have been an introduction to my new architectural photographer page.

Over the next 12 days I will be writing about the new set of 12 images on this page of my website, all about architectural photography.

Whilst I was writing the text for this page I did ask myself the question – what is architectural photography?

Wikipedia is always up there in Google searches, and says

“Architectural photography is the photographing of buildings and similar structures that are both aesthetically pleasing and accurate representations of their subjects. Architectural photographers are usually skilled in the use of specialised techniques and equipment.”

This is the Wikipedia link.

This is one definition.

Thinking a bit further about this, architecture is defined in the English Oxford Living Dictionaries as  as

“The art or practice of designing and constructing buildings”.

Hmmm. Designing and constructing buildings. I like that as a definition. Not that there is anything wrong with the Wikipedia definition, it is just the point about being aesthetically pleasing. There is much more to it than that.

Architectural photography covers not only the aesthetics but also the form function, as well as the context.

I think I was going to focus on architectural details but I am going to broaden out my image set.

I will extract something from this web page – no point writing it again is there?

I wrote a list of 10 reasons why you should consider me to photograph your building for you;

“1 – I am a Chartered Builder - MCIOB

I have a lifetime of professional experience in the construction industry.

2 – I am professionally qualified in photographer – LBIPP

I am a Licentiate in the British Institute of Photographers. What does LBIPP mean? According to the BIPP website LBIPP is an

“Entry level qualification, showing an established professional level of skill and competence”. So that’s all good then. And that was a couple of years ago to be fair, and my photography work has developed rather a lot since then.

3 – My photography equipment

I use specialist equipment. The equipment I use for my architectural photography work has been refined over the years, giving me very specific equipment for specific subjects, locations and environments.

4 – I love photographing architecture

This is not a job I hate doing. I love buildings, architecture, interiors and indeed construction sites. So, you get a big bundle of enthusiasm when you commission me. And you know what they say about people who enjoy what they do?

5 – My creative eye

I have an eye for light, details, composition, tones and textures. And details. I view things as a photographer. And, I view things as a construction professional. A great combination for an architectural photographer!

6 – My business skills

I have worked professionally in construction for over 30 years, have two companies of my own, and I am my businesses. There is just me to deal with, and if I do not do great work that people want I don’t get paid. It really is that simple!

7 – Personal service

You deal with me. Only me. All the way through from start to finish. I take the photos and I edit the photos – there is no outsourcing anywhere.

8 - Image processing

Architectural photography is a specialised, technical discipline. Pictures of buildings must be technically correct, with straight lines and correct colours but also looking natural.

And this is my specialism.

9 – My personality

I like people. I have spent a lifetime working in the construction industry, and get on with people at all levels.

10 – My professionalism

I pride myself on providing a high quality professional service on every job. I am not cheap, and if you are after the cheapest photographer it will not be me, but I provide high quality pictures and a high-quality service.”


Time to get in touch with me?

I hope so.

I hope that that you are convinced that I am the right person to speak to about your architectural photography enquiry – if so then please get in touch with me by

Phone - 07772252186

Email -

Contact page

As I said over the next 12 days you will see 12 architectural photography images all taken and processed by me.


Bournemouth, Poole, Sandbanks, London, Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Hampshire, Somerset, Wiltshire

To sum up - Why should you choose me to photograph the interior of your building?

That is the end of my series of photography blog posts featuring the pictures which you can find on my interior photographer page. To recap, I will answer the important question.

Why should you choose me to photograph the interior of your building?

Interior photography is one of my specialist areas of work.

I don’t want to sound arrogant, but I am quite good at interior photography. I love photographing interior spaces. No really, I do.

I have added a selection of 12 interior photography images to my interior photographer web page, which show a range of images. And I have two new images which will be going into that collection soon that I took on a recent trip you will hear much more about.

Back to why you should choose me.

  • I have equipment that allows me to photograph interior spaces using conventional and unusual viewpoints, ones that others might not try.
  • I have high quality photographic equipment that can capture and record all the details, and the whole of a scene. Especially my Canon DSLRs and lenses.
  • I have an eye for architectural details, light, form and function.
  • I am professionally qualified in photography (LBIPP) and construction (MCIOB).
  • I capture technically accurate photographs.
  • My digital image processing produces technically correct and high-quality imagery, time after time.
  • You will like me – no really you will. Well I hope so, as there is only me you will deal with. I do everything.

If you are convinced then please get in touch either by phone, email or using my contact page.

Now it is time to move on to another area of my commercial photography work, architectural photography.

Obviously, this includes photographing interior spaces, but I like to keep the two separate.

As well as another set of 12 images, there will be the odd post about something completely different – well I like to mix it up a bit.

And after that – something that I am really looking forward to. Seriously really looking forward to.

Rick McEvoy Photography - Interior Photographer

Bournemouth, Poole, Sandbanks, London, Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Hampshire, Somerset, Wiltshire

And finally, the next page on my website to be completely updated is..... my interior photographer web page

Yes it has been a while coming, but my interior photographer page is complete, and live on my photography website right now (ok it went live on Saturday if I am being completely honest).

If you are wondering why it takes so long for me to produce a new web page, these are the steps I have to go through for each and every page of my website

  1. Select 12 images - I do this in Lightroom
  2. Edit the images - using Lightroom and Photoshop
  3. Keyword the images - again in Lightroom
  4. Caption the images - Lightroom again
  5. Add a description in the metadata field - more Lightroom work
  6. Produce brand new text for the page, with links - not Lightroom! I do this in Word on my PC and iPad Pro. This takes quite a long time to do.
  7. Upload the text to my Squarespace website
  8. Upload the images as above
  9. Add a title and description in the Squarespace gallery
  10. Check all the links work

And then write all about it!

As you can see there is quite a lot of work to do to create a new web page. And there is the time spent selecting the images and then researching my work and finding links etc and a bit of background information.

Why am I rewriting all my pages?

The problem is that I had pages on my website with no text, meaning that they were not doing much at all in terms of them being found by Google.

Images on their own have very little value in SEO terms to Google. This is why I am doing one page at a time, one after the other, until my work category of web pages is complete. 

And some of the pages are quite old, with quite old images. I have better work that I want to display on my website. 

On the plus side, now that I have a set of 12 images and accompanying text, this does give me 12 days of blog post material which is always a bonus, so starting tomorrow you will see each new image one by one, along with a few words about the image.

And I might throw in the odd black and white version as well. 

Once I have got this little lot out of the way it will be on to the next web page, which I think is going to be my architectural photographer page. 

I will start the process all over again, with my starting point being the set of 12 images that I choose for this particular page. And after that another page. Until I am done.

But that is for another time, probably July.

Back to my interior photographer page. I have produced a set of 12 images which hopefully show a good variety of my interior work, covering a range of subjects, environments and lighting. 

Tomorrow I will post and write about one of my favourite interior photographs, which is a picture of the interior of Bordeaux Cathedral, a fantastic building in, erm, Bordeaux. But more about that tomorrow right here on my photography blog.

Rick McEvoy Photography - Interior Photographer

Bournemouth, Poole, Sandbanks, London

Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Hampshire, Somerset, Wiltshire

New thinking (by me) on the things that I need to do (next) to help my photography business grow - aka doing real work and putting the fun stuff last (for once)

The plans for my photography business work have had a rethink. Well I have had a rethink.

I did have a plan, but this ignored the priorities for my photography business.

I have to sort the business side out before I can get on to the fun stuff, even though this fun stuff will end up having a significant commercial value (hopefully). When I say fun stuff I mean producing a set of high quality (hopefully) images from a trip.

This is what I will be working on next after the completion of my construction product photography series of posts, interspersed with some pictures of the winter sunlight in the trees at The Vyne in both colour and black and white.

And the odd other image thrown in as and when.

I have had an amount of time with my iPad Pro where I have been able to edit images in Lightroom Mobile only which I have found quite enjoyable. That is where these other images came from.

And now to make things worse the other day I got a sunrise shoot In at a fantastic location - more on this later.

So this is where I am going next.

Firstly, I am going to write about my interior photography page. I have already selected a set of 12 images for this particular page on my website, and started working on the text.

After that I am going to rewrite all my commercial photography pages, with a new set of 12 images on each page. You can find these web pages under the “Work” category on my website.

Architectural photographer

When I look at the images on this page I cringe. I need to decide on the range of images I am going to include on this page though.

Commercial photographer

Not much more to be done to this page, which is not too bad to be honest. Oh yes it needs some text.

Construction photographer

Another page needing some much better images and some more relevant and up to date text.

Freelance photographer

This is my anything I want page. I love this page, and am looking forward to coming up with a great mix of personal work. I have no idea what I am going to include on this page at all. I might go with a theme. Like trees. Sun on water. The colour orange.

That kind of thing.

Industrial photographer (industrial photographers will be consigned to the archive folder leaving me with a brand new page to produce).

Again I have some great new stuff to add to this page which will massively improve the content, appeal and my marketability.

Landscape photographer

This will be tricky. 12 landscape images. Hmmmmmm.

Property photographer

No problem with this page – it is all about the selection of images and the words to go with this.

So. Seven pages to go after the interior photographer page. Not too bad really. I just need to get on with this.

A couple of pages are going to go into the archive (so I don’t lose any links)

Aerial photographer

  • I never got into this but this is definitely one for the future.

Building photographers

  • This page has its origins in the days when I was trying to do my own website SEO by web pages. I now have a daily blog so have no real need for this web page any more. Off to the archive it goes. Meaning less work for me.

Corporate photographer

  • This is not an area I am targeting at the moment.

Google Maps Business View photographer

  • Again a venture I started to work in but decided was not for me.

Interior design photographer

  • As above

Panoramic photography

  • As above

Property photography – replaced by property photographer

What this consolidation of web pages does do is further help me with the focus of my photography business to the following

  • Architectural photography
  • Construction photography
  • Construction product photography
  • Freelance photography – basically doing whatever I want!!
  • Interior photography
  • Industrial photography

And not forgetting of course these three which all fit nicely together

  • Landscape photography
  • Stock photography
  • Travel photography

(See later in this post for more about these three)

And having just secured a new commission I really need to start a product photography web page. 

The reason for this is basically that I need to focus on the images for these pages, some of which are much too old, and I need text on each page for SEO purposes. I just need to get this done, starting with the first page and just carrying on until I am done. Once this is done it takes time for the SEO value of the work to be realised, so I need to do this now before getting on with something much more interesting and enjoyable.

The next thing is to have a refresh of the images on my home page. It is just nice to do this, and the work done on the other pages will feed into this nicely.

That leaves another major piece of work which is my places web pages.

I have completed the following pages

So I still need to do

After that I want to add to my commissions page one image from each commercial shoot I have done.

But that is for later.

I am going to start with these seven commercial photography website pages, which will each have 12 new images and new text, all done properly and in an orderly fashion.

Then I am going to get on with the thing I have been looking forward to since I went to this place in April of this year. I am going to spend as long as I want on the images from this trip, which will naturally supply my picture stock submissions and a new page on my website, possible under places, possibly a new category called countries. I think counties will work well, and give me a good focus for the work I am planning this winter, leading into 2018.

Sorry it is far too early in the year to be talking about next year!

I am going to start using luminosity masks too, once I have sorted the images I am going to process. I am going to start by sorting the images, selecting some to edit, then edit each one three ways (Masterchef speak sorry) which will be

Single image edit in Lightroom/ Photoshop

HDR edit in Lightroom/ Photoshop

And then

Luminosity masking of the same image.

And then a black and white image – I need to source some black and white software for this before I start.

So I will have three differently edited colour images. I cant wait to see what the three will look like side by side – this is very exciting to me.

So this little lot will take me well into the summer I have no doubt, so I will see where I am up to

August 2017 and post an update. There will be daily posts of course along the way, along with the odd additional post here and there.

Thanks for reading this post, and please get in touch with any photography queries either by my contact page, phone or email.


Rick McEvoy Photography

Monday 12th June 2018 

A summary of me and my work as a construction product photographer/ construction photographer

I hope that the series of construction product photography images that I have posted over the last couple of weeks have been of interest to you, and have provided you with an insight into the variety of construction products that I have photographed.

I hope that these posts have also demonstrated how I may help you by taking photographs of your product on a construction site.

Wherever or whatever the product is that you require photographing, please get in touch me with me if you have a construction product/ product that you require photographing.

You can get in touch with me either through my contact page, by phone or by email - just head over to my home page where these are both prominently displayed.
For those of you who are new to me and my professional photography work, here are 10 reasons why you might like to contact me to photograph your construction product, construction site or finished building.

Well anything related to the built environment at all really.

1 - I am a Chartered Builder - MCIOB

(And Chartered Construction Manager by the way) – I have proudly held the professional designation MCIOB for some years now.

2 - I am also qualified in photography – LBIPP.

I was delighted to achieve my Licentiate in the British Institute of Professional Photographers a few years ago

Note - These two on their own are enough for some people - which is why I start with them – I know you are all busy people out there so if this is all you need to know get in touch with me here and forget about the next 8 points, as good as they are.

3 - I am a current CSCS card holder

I managed to pass the health and safety test with flying colours recently (phew)

4 - I have all my own PPE

My collection of PPE is suitable for most construction sites. I had to purchase high visibility trousers recently to complete the luminous clothing set!

5 - I have over 30 years of construction industry experience

I am comfortable working on construction sites of all shapes, sizes and complexities, and more importantly I am more than comfortable working with construction people at all levels (talking of all levels I am fine working on roofs, scaffolding, in excavations – anywhere on site – you just provide a safe place for me and I can be there taking photographs).

6 - My photography gear is designed for construction sites

My photography equipment has evolved over the years and my work in a wide range of live site environments to allow me to quickly and efficiently photograph any construction site. It is durable enough to withstand the rigours of live construction sites any time of the year.

7 - I process all my own images

I am highly skilled in digital image processing, producing technically accurate and correct images. No architect likes their building to look wonky in a photo after all do they?

I can also produce images that are consistent in style from different shoots in different locations on different days.

8 - My company is just me

I am the only person you deal with from start to finish - I answer all enquiries, develop the brief, produce the quote, agree the scope, plan the shoot, take the photos, edit the photos, issue the photos and submit the invoices. There is no one else – just me.

9 - I provide a high quality, personal professional service on every shoot

Don’t tell anyone but sometimes I have been asked to provide a next day service which I have successfully done each time it has been asked for, once producing the fully edited images for a 9am deadline the morning after an afternoon shoot (this is subject to some sensible restrictions such as if you want 300 individually hand edited images it might take me a little bit longer - I am good but not that good!)

10 – I enjoy what I do.

I always find that people who enjoy what they do produce better work than people who don’t, and I seriously enjoy taking photographs of construction products and construction sites, buildings, architecture, interiors – anything that is built basically.

I hope that this is enough to convince you to get in touch with me to discuss your photographic requirement.

On my construction product photography page you can view the selection of 12 images that I have posted recently on my photography blog. I have other pages on my website which may be of interest to you, many of which are due to updated soon with new images and new text. These web pages are specific to the commercial photography work that I do, and are as follows

Architectural photographer

Commercial photographer

Construction photographer

Industrial photographer (coming soon)

Interior photographer

Product photographer (coming soon)

Property photographer

A bit more about my gear

I have a very specific equipment set-up which I use for my commercial photography work, consisting of my trusty Canon 6D along with a selection of Canon L series lenses (including my Canon 24mm tilt shift lens). I take most of my images using my Manfrotto tripods with Manfrotto geared head, and have other bits of kit that I have picked up along the way to photograph challenging situations. This specialist kit includes a painter’s pole – trust me this really gives me an unusual view on many scenes.

I pack all the gear for a shoot in a backpack, the Peak Design Everyday Backpack, ensuring I am mobile and nimble (well as nimble as a 40 something Northern builder can ever be).

I also have a boot load of other gear just in case…

A little bit more about my other photography work

I also have lots of other images on my website that show a wider range of my landscape and travel photography work which may be of interest to you.
I pride myself on providing high quality, technically correct images. I have a number of repeat clients, and I am able to reproduce the look of images from one shoot to the next.

I am highly skilled in Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop, and process each and every image individually.
Finally – I have photographed the built environment for architects, major construction companies, developers and product manufacturers. I have also photographed industrial sites and plant, all of which give me a diverse range of experience in the construction photography and industrial photography environments.
Thank you for reading this post, and I look forward to hearing from you whatever your construction related photography enquiry.


Construction Product Photographer

Bournemouth, Poole, Sandbanks, Dorset, Hampshire, London 

A general post about the commercial photography work I do and what is coming up on my photography blog – don’t worry it will make sense honest!

I appear to have been writing lots of themed posts recently. I wanted to get back to the nuts and bolts of my photography work briefly for those of you who are new to my blog.

The areas of commercial photography work I specialise in are

  • Architectural photography
  • Construction photography
  • Industrial photography
  • Interior photography
  • Landscape photography
  • Stock photography
  • Travel photography

A lot of my commercial photography work is never published for commercial reasons, so reading my blog you might think that I am just someone who writes about pictures he has taken and that I am not an actual photographer.

Hence this blog post.

So I am a photographer. I also write about photography, Lightroom and Photoshop on my daily photography blog.

Talking of which, there are going to be some changes coming up in the content of my photography blog.

I am going to write a series of posts all about my construction product photography work.

Then there will be a series of posts all about my interior photography work, and the new set of mages on my interior photography web page.

And then after that I am going to be concentrating for some time on one single photography trip I have recently had the pleasure of going on. And at the same time I am going to enter the world of luminosity masks.

I am going to start this piece of work, with the luminosity masks added in for good measure, mid June. I am going to give myself the luxury of six weeks to write about this on my blog. I am very excited to be doing this and giving myself time to completely process a photography trip.

When I say I am giving myself 6 weeks, I must clarify that this is in addition to day to day work etc.

Once I have done this I need a plan for some of my other trips. I need to spend some proper time on the images I have – I might schedule out one month per trip. Hmmm I sense another schedule coming on here. Yet another one. That is the last thing I want!

I am also trying to update my web pages, having updated the following pages

Home page

Construction Product Photographer

Dorset photographer

Hampshire photographer

Interior photographer (see above)

I am going to try to get my commercial photography pages updated, starting with the images on each web page, followed by the text.

All this while working full time – lots to do then!

Rick McEvoy Photography

Thursday 25th May 2017