The final image in my portfolio is this picture of the Spinnaker Tower, Portsmouth - Portfolio Image number 40 Monday 12th September 2016. Well it was going to be..

And finally for my portfolio, after a long time, this is how  how I edited the picture of the Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth featured in this blog post.

Ok I'll stop there.

I changed my mind.

Do I want two pictures of the Spinnaker Tower? As much as I like the spectacular structure no I do not. Pictures of the Spinnaker Tower are not really my core business.

My core business is architectural photography of recently completed buildings.

My interior photography in churches and cathedrals is relevant but personal work for me.

No I want my portfolio to have a strong commercial photography lament to it.

So it is back to looking though my Lightroom Collections. I think my decision to put two Spinnaker tower pictures in my portfolio was a lazy decision. After all the time I have spent I have no problem changing my mind and sticking to my original intentions.

I have 20 interior shots, and 19 exterior pictures of buildings. You can probably guess what I am looking for. Something that fits in with the rest of the images. I need the last image added to my portfolio to be as strong as the first image. All 40 images need to stand alone quality and content wise as the best examples of my work.

So after much debate I am doing something else which will be on my blog shortly. Well tomorrow actually. See you then. Back into Lightroom for me.

Rick McEvoy Photography Blog

Monday 12th September 2016