What was I writing about 12 months ago on my photography blog?

This is the blog post from 9th April 2017. I like going back to see what I was up to in the past!

Landscape photography in Hampshire by Rick McEvoy

Landscape photography in Hampshire by Rick McEvoy

Before I go on, take a look at the image below. Can you see the difference?  (Apart from the fact that this image is darker than the image above).

Picture of Picket Post illuminated by the spring sunshine

Picture of Picket Post illuminated by the spring sunshine

The difference is the ring around the sun,

The second image was the first one I produced. I left Deghost on when I created the HDR image in Lightroom. I forgot to deselect it. There is a significant amount of affected pixels in this image. 

The top image is the one I produced in Lightroom without any Deghost at all - I did not need it after all, and this image is a lot cleaner. 

I won't try to explain. Adobe have already done this here

  1. "Sometimes, after the exposure-bracketed images are merged, some areas in the HDR image may appear unnaturally semi-transparent. Select one of the following deghosting option in the HDR Merge Preview dialog box to correct these anomalies: None, Low, Medium, or High. Try Low deghosting first to obtain a clean merged image. Try higher settings if necessary.

    Low: Cures little or minor movement between frames
    Medium: Cures considerable movement between frames
    High: Cures high movement between frames

    You can preview the effect of these settings right within the dialog box. If necessary, choose to view the deghost overlay."

The important thing to remember is only do the things you need to do when processing an image. 

Even more important is to photograph interesting scenes in interesting light!

End of the post from 12 months ago.

A few things that I have improved since this post.

1 - I have sorted out my blog post URLs, which is important for sharing and future reference.

2 - I have stopped adding the date to the bottom of blog posts - this caused all sorts of confusion when I rescheduled posts which showed one date but wre published on another date!

3 - The date issued applied to the blog URL as well - now I check those as part of the review process.

4 - External links are now selected to open in a new window, which maintains the visit to my website. Internal links to other pages of my website do not, as they are on my website anyway, and I don't want to annoy someone with multiple pages of me open in their browsers!

It is good to go back in time 12 months, and see what has improved in that time. And even better that things have improved to provde higher quality blog posts.

Rick McEvoy Photography


It’s a question of quality over quantity - how I improved my internet content and saved myself time

I have had a thought. I write a daily photography blog. That is fine. It contains a mix of short posts, videos, images and longer text posts.

A good variety of content.

I have been frantically trying to catch up on sharing my blog posts - I am up to 14th December 2017. And that was when the thought hit me. 

Do I really need to share every blog post?

I was looking at how best to share 6 weeks worth of blog posts and get up to date, and that was when the thought hit me. 

No. I don’t.

What I have been doing is a mechanical process. I was doing this with my blog to maintain daily content before I mixed up the content, as described above. 

No I do not need to share every blog post - I need to share the blog posts that need sharing, not everything, and also to improve the quality of how I share these posts. 

And this is what I am now doing. 

Let’s see what happens to my web stats, which are on a remarkable rise at the moment anyway. 

Quality over quantity. A very important point.  And it will save me time too! What’s not to love!

Rick McEvoy - Photography Blogger

And coming up on my photography blog? Before I get to the good stuff a bit of work to do

Monday I change tack completely. It is time for my photographs of Santorini. After all this time I am nearly there. I went there in April, and am putting everything else to one side for two months. And I can’t wait. But before then a few things I need to sort out. This is of course in addition to earning a living!

Tomorrow and Sunday I am going to publish a load of posts which are languishing in the draft folder in my Squarespace App.

There are also a couple of things that I need to do on my website. Just get these things out of the way and that is my website done for a couple of months.

No winder I can’t wait!!

  1. Get rid of my subscribe thing – it just was not working, and I have always found it annoying, even a bit needy!
  2. Change the page titles – I hate the page with photographer after – it looks too much like SEO driven content, which of course it is. Need to make sure I don’t mess up the page URLs though.
  3. Update the text on my home page. Again, something is not quite working with the content as it is.
  4. Add some testimonials to my website. Why have I not done this before? No idea.

I have three Google reviews that I am going to add to my testimonials page, and I am also going to extract some nice words from emails and add these to this page.

And after that I am done with my website..

In terms of other things, I will be maintaining my daily photography blog, using the work I am doing on my photographs of Santorini as the source of lots of new and different content.

There are also the ongoing Improve Photography articles that are published on a fortnightly basis – the next one is a biggy – “An introduction to Lightroom for new photographers”. This is due to be published Tuesday 5th December at 10am Boise time! I have written the draft and just need to refine and drop in screen shots and that article is good to go.

The next article then, with a publishing date of Tuesday 19th December 2017 is titled “My Top 20 Photography Tips for taking better photographs”.

Pop back to my blog over the weekend and you will find a fairly random selection of blog posts.

Oh yes – I have just picked up another architectural photography commission which I need to get done this weekend – can’t complain when the work keeps coming in can I?

Until the randomness that is going to be this weekend I will wish you all a happy Friday and also a happy December, now that we are all into the final month of the year.

Rick McEvoy Photography





Rick McEvoy

And now a series of new pictures of Bournemouth which you can find on my Bournemouth Photographer web page

I have come up with a new selection of pictures of Bournemouth for my Bournemouth photographer web page.

I wanted a new set of images, as this page needed a refresh. I edited the images in Lightroom Mobile on my iPad, having used the collections in Lightroom to get down to 12 images. I will write about each image over the next 12 days on my blog.

When I got to the end of the selection, the next job was to delete the images that were there before. This is when I came across a picture of the stadium at AFC Bournemouth taken some time ago. I decided that I needed to get a new picture of the stadium as AFC Bournemouth are quite big news these days what with being in the Barclays Premier League!

So that is a job for me to do. I want a new image as the ones I have are a bit old, and I feel that my image capture is much more refined these says.

And then there is the commercial photography work I have done. I need to go through that lot and see if there is anything appropriate for my web page all about my Bournemouth photography. I have photographed many construction sites in Bournemouth, and construction sites and construction products which form parts of the development of Bournemouth University.

So, my initial choice of 12 pictures did not include any commercial photography work, nor any pictures of construction sites or development work in Bournemouth.

Which does lead me onto the question of what are people hoping to see in a web page about photographs of Bournemouth? Obviously I need to get the maximum benefit out of the keyword Bournemouth photographer and variations on that theme.

That is the question. I will get the new picture of the Vitality Stadium at AFC Bournemouth and see how a set of 12 images looks.

I hope that you like the series of Bournemouth photographs, and would like to invite anyone needing any photography work carrying out in Bournemouth to get in touch with me by phone, email or using my contact page.

I am writing about photographs taken by myself in Bournemouth, but would also like to direct new readers to my photography blog to the following pages on my website which are specific to these areas of my commercial photography work, namely

Architectural photographer

Commercial photographer

Construction photographer

Construction product photographer

Industrial photographer

Interior photographer

Landscape photographer

Product photographer

Property photographer

Travel photographer

Ok after going through that lot I am going to restrict this page to pictures of Bournemouth only - ones that people looking for pictures of Bournemouth might find interesting. And that will include the picture of the Vitality Stadium, the home of AFC Bournemouth.

Rick McEvoy MCIOB, LBIPPBournemouth Photographer

To sum up - Why should you choose me to photograph the interior of your building?

That is the end of my series of photography blog posts featuring the pictures which you can find on my interior photographer page. To recap, I will answer the important question.

Why should you choose me to photograph the interior of your building?

Interior photography is one of my specialist areas of work.

I don’t want to sound arrogant, but I am quite good at interior photography. I love photographing interior spaces. No really, I do.

I have added a selection of 12 interior photography images to my interior photographer web page, which show a range of images. And I have two new images which will be going into that collection soon that I took on a recent trip you will hear much more about.

Back to why you should choose me.

  • I have equipment that allows me to photograph interior spaces using conventional and unusual viewpoints, ones that others might not try.
  • I have high quality photographic equipment that can capture and record all the details, and the whole of a scene. Especially my Canon DSLRs and lenses.
  • I have an eye for architectural details, light, form and function.
  • I am professionally qualified in photography (LBIPP) and construction (MCIOB).
  • I capture technically accurate photographs.
  • My digital image processing produces technically correct and high-quality imagery, time after time.
  • You will like me – no really you will. Well I hope so, as there is only me you will deal with. I do everything.

If you are convinced then please get in touch either by phone, email or using my contact page.

Now it is time to move on to another area of my commercial photography work, architectural photography.

Obviously, this includes photographing interior spaces, but I like to keep the two separate.

As well as another set of 12 images, there will be the odd post about something completely different – well I like to mix it up a bit.

And after that – something that I am really looking forward to. Seriously really looking forward to.

Rick McEvoy Photography - Interior Photographer

Bournemouth, Poole, Sandbanks, London, Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Hampshire, Somerset, Wiltshire

And finally, the next page on my website to be completely updated is..... my interior photographer web page

Yes it has been a while coming, but my interior photographer page is complete, and live on my photography website right now (ok it went live on Saturday if I am being completely honest).

If you are wondering why it takes so long for me to produce a new web page, these are the steps I have to go through for each and every page of my website

  1. Select 12 images - I do this in Lightroom
  2. Edit the images - using Lightroom and Photoshop
  3. Keyword the images - again in Lightroom
  4. Caption the images - Lightroom again
  5. Add a description in the metadata field - more Lightroom work
  6. Produce brand new text for the page, with links - not Lightroom! I do this in Word on my PC and iPad Pro. This takes quite a long time to do.
  7. Upload the text to my Squarespace website
  8. Upload the images as above
  9. Add a title and description in the Squarespace gallery
  10. Check all the links work

And then write all about it!

As you can see there is quite a lot of work to do to create a new web page. And there is the time spent selecting the images and then researching my work and finding links etc and a bit of background information.

Why am I rewriting all my pages?

The problem is that I had pages on my website with no text, meaning that they were not doing much at all in terms of them being found by Google.

Images on their own have very little value in SEO terms to Google. This is why I am doing one page at a time, one after the other, until my work category of web pages is complete. 

And some of the pages are quite old, with quite old images. I have better work that I want to display on my website. 

On the plus side, now that I have a set of 12 images and accompanying text, this does give me 12 days of blog post material which is always a bonus, so starting tomorrow you will see each new image one by one, along with a few words about the image.

And I might throw in the odd black and white version as well. 

Once I have got this little lot out of the way it will be on to the next web page, which I think is going to be my architectural photographer page. 

I will start the process all over again, with my starting point being the set of 12 images that I choose for this particular page. And after that another page. Until I am done.

But that is for another time, probably July.

Back to my interior photographer page. I have produced a set of 12 images which hopefully show a good variety of my interior work, covering a range of subjects, environments and lighting. 

Tomorrow I will post and write about one of my favourite interior photographs, which is a picture of the interior of Bordeaux Cathedral, a fantastic building in, erm, Bordeaux. But more about that tomorrow right here on my photography blog.

Rick McEvoy Photography - Interior Photographer

Bournemouth, Poole, Sandbanks, London

Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Hampshire, Somerset, Wiltshire

It is time for me to update the Dorset Photographer page on my website

I have been working on new content for my Dorset photographer page. The content needed a refresh, being over a year old, and there is lots more I want to say about my pictures of Dorset, and a brand-new collection of images to show.

So how did I go about doing this?

Like this.

I put all my Dorset photos into a single Collection in Lightroom, which crosses over with my collections of 2008 and 2009. Well every year actually. This is fine as long as I remember to reject and then physically delete the things I don’t want from each collection. I am trying to attack my catalogue from all angles to get rid of stuff I don’t want.

Having all my photos of Dorset in one collection meant that the images were immediately available to me on Lightroom Mobile, where I could go through them and just select picks of things that look interesting. And being on Lightroom Mobile I could do this anywhere, including in the queue for the car wash!

I started this and it was going quite well but I found something I liked the look of so I stopped and edited it.

I know – I really must stop doing this and stick to going through those few thousand images.

I was not being too scientific with the initial picks – anything that I liked the look of or that was something different. I had decided that I might not go for the headline iconic Dorset tourist landmarks like Durdle Door, Lulworth Cove etc etc (well there might be a few) - no not me – I was going to come up with something different.


So, having all my Dorset photos in one collection, I was able to browse these images at my leisure.

Having gone through and crudely picked things I liked the look of I had over 150 images. All I had to do then was narrow them down to a set of twelve images which will go into my gallery of Dorset photos.

I was not sure if I was going to include just landscape photography images, or if I was going to broaden things out to include architectural and/ or interior photography images.

This was another time when my iPad Pro proved invaluable – this is one of the things I really wanted the iPad for – selecting images. And of course, I did some quick edits which I posted – this is pleasurable work for me made even more so by the iPad Pro.

Having picked the set of 12 images what next? Well edits of the images and lots of lovely new text to accompany the images and get me higher up the rankings in Google.

This piece of work will also give me lots of new things to write about on my photography blog – as ever one thing leads to lots of new content and also lots of new images.

At the time of writing I have a shortlist of 12 images, and some text which you can read on my Dorset Photographer web page.

But that is not the end. Oh no. Far from it.

Now I have to go through the images one by one and re-edit them. And I will write about this as I am producing the images which will replace the existing ones on this page of my photography website.

To do this I am going to create virtual copies of the 12 chosen images and then do full edits at my leisure and write about these separately –these edited images will also feed into my commercial stock photography libraries.

This sounds like a plan, and one that I will repeat with other pages. My immediate priorities are

Dorset photographer page

Hampshire photographer page

Poole photographer page

Sandbanks photographer page

Cornwall photographer page

Wiltshire photographer page

So, I will get on with the Dorset page then get on with my Hampshire photography page using the same process.

Rick McEvoy Photography

Thursday 16th March 2017

You Tube - Yes I have my own You Tube Channel! And videos on my blog now

Why I hear you ask? 

Because video is a natural extension of still photography, and something I am asked to do from time to time.

I am learning this very, very slowly on the side using just my IPhone and my imagination. (Even more slowly than when I drafted this post!).

That should be enough! 

I am posting my videos on You Tube, which is rather important being owned by Google. And being as clever as You Tube is it means I can add these videos to my Squarespace blog in no time which is good.

How do you get to my You Tube Channel? Just click here

Well that was the theory. This all stopped as soon as it started. Something I need to get back into. My aim now in February 2017 is to produce one video per month and post it to You Tube and my photography blog

You Tube is the second biggest search engine after Google after all! 

This gives me a blog with even more varying content including; 

  • Portfolio photography images
  • Quick edit images
  • Photography News
  • News on my photography business
  • Detailed articles on photography subjecta
  • Photography tips
  • Quick photography tips
  • Iphone images and brief snippets
  • Videos

And anything else remotely photography related.  

I am also posting my videos to Instagram, the excellent photographers platform.

Taken from the draft post saved in May 2016. 

Rick McEvoy Photography

Less than average videographer in Dorset

Thursday 9th February 2017

A job I have to do with my photography blog in February

The job is? 

Clear out my draft photography blog posts. There are rather a lot of them. and every time I want to get to a scheduled post I have to scroll all the way down through these posts!

Which made me ask the question - why are they there? 

More to the point - why have I not posted them? 

I have more than enough new content I am working on so February is the month when this will all be sorted.

Lots of new stuff for you all to read/ look at in February then!! There are lots of image which I have edited on my iPad Pro and iPhone using Lightroom Mobile. This is in part from my trying to sort out my Lightroom Catalogue, and also due to my impatience when I have some new images to work on.

The sorting of the Lightroom Cataloge didn't go that well to be honest. That job rolls over. 


Yet again. 

By the end of February 2017 I will have an empty draft folder in my photography blog. Ideas now get out somewhere else.

And maybe even a new look and feel to my Squarespace website? 

Lots to look forward to here in February 2017!  and hopefully the rain will stop soon down here in not so sunny Dorset..

Rick McEvoy Photography

Tuesday 31st January 2017


My photography blog in 2017 - a reality check on what I have just written having thought about it

The other day I finished a post entitled

"The things I am going to write about in my photography blog in 2017".

I came up with 43 different blog posts in a month.


Why do I have to do everything in the same month?

The short answer is that I don't.

So I won't.

I forgot one little thing in putting together my schedule.

Stuff happens.

And when it does what do I do?

Write about it. And publish it on my blog. The schedule I have come up with has taken my blog too far the other way, to a planned, structured scheduled piece of work.

I told you I thought about stuff too much didn’t I?

My blog needs to work for me, not the other way round. Posting a daily blog is absolutely fine, and I enjoy doing it (yes I really do), but the content of my blog needs to be about me and my personality. The content needs to be fresh and about what is happening. Sure I schedule some posts in advance but not every post.

Scheduling this post for this day and that post for that day is not spontaneous. It becomes mechanical. Too structured.

There are things I want to continue to do on my blog. I want to force myself to produce new work, as this serves various needs within my photography business.

So this is what I am going to do.

There we weekly subjects in my blog that I want to continue to write about.

  • My Image of the Week
  • Lightroom Quick Tip of the Week

And then there are monthly, more in depth subjects

  • Lightroom
  • My Lightroom Catalogue
  • Photoshop
  • Luminosity masks – my big thing for 2017

And then there is business stuff

  • Stock photography
  • My website/ marketing
  • Commercial stuff
  • Photography Equipment

And then there are the new images.

And there are other things which I will put in the category “other things”.

I think this might work. I have eight monthly subjects, two weekly subjects and some other stuff.

A bit of structure but not as rigid or demanding. I have aims but not the constraints. Well the constraint is that I cover all these things within a calendar month.

And I have the space and freedom to write about things when I want to.

This works better for me. And I have no doubt this will evolve over the next 12 months, but it gives me a starting point and a framework I am happy with.

So head back to my blog in 2017 for new and improved daily content!

Rick McEvoy Photography Blog

Tuesday 20th December 2016

The things I am going to write about in my photography blog in 2017

I have been thinking. Yes sorry but it happens every now and then…

I have decided to rethink the content of my blog going forward. Writing this post has helped me sort in my head what I need to do in 2017 and onwards.

I need to make the best use of the limited time I have available for the production of daily blog posts.

Unfortunately professional photography is more about the business of photography than the actual taking of pictures, and this will be reflected in the content of my blog in 2017.

December however is all about producing an endless flow of new images, as I have the fallout of me sorting my 2007 images to contend with. This problem will be compounded even further when I get round to my 2008 images, as there is lots and lots of good stuff in there too. That is if I ever get to my 2008 collection of images.

And the years after that my work steadily improves but that is definitely a 2017 problem to deal with.

But back to my blog, and the content of my blog, and what I want to achieve by continuing to commit to daily blog posts in 2017.

I have to say that I enjoy writing about photography, and that I also enjoy writing about my photography and my images.

But I have to remember that my blog posts are in addition to my full time work, so the content does need to be carefully structured to enable me to maintain a consistent quality of content.

I also want to maintain the quality of the photography that I publish not only on my blog but anywhere externally.

  • Quality is very important to me and is at the core of everything to do with my photography business.
  • Consistency is also important.
  • And it is also important to me that I produce original photographic work.

So put that little lot together and things are going to change in 2017.

My blog should be an output of a selection of the things that I do in my photography business, and also of things that I want to do, the things I want to work on, the things I want to improve and the new things that I want to learn.

All of which should help me progress and improve all aspects of my photography, which in turn should also help to improve the success of my photography business.

And I must not forget of course that I want to produce content that other people will find useful, helpful and informative. And maybe every now and then amusing.

The rest of 2016 is already scheduled out. Well it was until I came across 2007 and editing on my IPad Pro got into full swing! I have gone a bit mad to be honest, being reunited with some old images but being able to process them using everything I have learnt between then and now. This is exciting to me!

I want to maintain the daily blog posts, but I also want them to be structured around my work and the things I want to improve and develop in 2017.

I will therefore continue to produce new pictures of Dorset and Hampshire, as well as architectural photography and interior photography images – all on a weekly basis. These are my core subjects. And this work will feed out into commercial areas of my business. This makes perfect sense.

There will be more variety in the nature and content of my posts.

I wrote a few longer posts this year, and I am going to produce more posts with more detailed content in 2017. These will be about my work in Lightroom and Photoshop. Writing these longer posts about Lightroom and Photoshop also makes perfect sense, as there are things I want to spend time on, especially in Photoshop.

I will also be producing shorter posts as well. More shorter posts and less longer posts.

That sort of works for me time-wise.

I have found writing very helpful in developing my photographic skills in a targeted way. I have also found this writing enjoyable.

I scheduled out December in advance, and yes things changed but this scheduling made me much more productive. Scheduling in advance also made me change the way I work, making improvements in my working efficiency. I noticed a big difference in my productivity in December which was good to see.

Other bigger subjects that I will be writing about on a monthly basis will include

  • Luminosity masks
  • How to organise your photos in Lightroom – the never ending subject and the work done to get on top of my Lightroom Catalogue
  • My beginners guide to Lightroom – started but left behind in 2016

This gives me plenty to do, and plenty of variety.

I am going to schedule out my posts for January 2017 onwards, and see how things go. This is a plan I am happy with, combining all the subjects I want to work on with an ongoing process of production of new images. And the taking of new images – this is very important to me and I will endeavour to produce new personal work very week.

The list of subjects, in no particular order, is this (at the moment)

  • One Top 10 list post per month.
  • Favourite photography locations
  • Luminosity Mask monthly update
  • Stock photography monthly submission/ update
  • Photography news
  • Black and white – three variations of one black and white image
  • Website monthly update – words and images
  • Customer/ client/ marketing news
  • Commercial issues
  • Podcast episode
  • New gear
  • Old gear
  • Lightroom - Quick Tip
  • Photoshop – Quick Tip
  • Lightroom - longer post on a specific subject or technique
  • Photoshop post - longer post or specific subject or technique
  • Photography Term explained
  • Monthly video and image
  • Photography technique
  • Quick photography Tip
  • How I took the shot
  • IPhone image of the week
  • 1 Dorset image per week
  • 1 Hampshire image per week
  • 1 architectural interior/ exterior image per week
  • Image of the week
  • Beginners Guide to Lightroom
  • How Do I Do That In Photoshop article - this will make sense don't worry,

That is a total of 43 potential posts per month! Plus things that happen along the way.

Now I am no expert in such things but 43 into 31 does not go. So I am back at multiple blog posts in a day. Some days anyway. I will have a think about this…….

Rick McEvoy Photography Blog

Friday 16th December 2016