Another picture of The Shard in London – a dramatic view looking up with a plane flying by

Black and white picture of The Shard, London

Black and white picture of The Shard, London

The colour version of the picture of The London Shard

The colour version of the picture of The London Shard

This is my second favourite picture of The Shard. The view looking up from the ground. The plane helps and for me places this spectacular

picture of a skyscraper in London.

The Shard is a fascinating building.

The structure is very modern, hard and graphic. A black and white picture should work really well, as these are elements that black and white photography naturally works with really well.

The colour image works well. I have made the image punchy and contrasty. I need my black and white processing in Nik Silver Efex Pro to continue this good work.


Full contrast and structure


Blue filter

Dynamic Brightness

Dynamic brightness + 24%


Vignette lens fall off 1

That is all I did. I can produce great black and white images using the Nik software so so quickly. Every photo shoot I do I convert a couple of images into black and white versions. Sometimes all I do is add a preset and save back to Lightroom. I am spending more time on these black and white images as working in a black and white portfolio, but still not a huge amount of time. I write about my processing as I do it which obviously takes longer, but I would be surprised if any image took more than 5 minutes of straight editing time.

If you haven't tried the Nik Collection you can download it for free at

Yes you heard me right. Free software from Google. Free great software from Google.

And as well as The black and white software there are lots of other cool things to try out, including colour effects and HDR.

It is well worth giving a go – you never know what will work for you.

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Tuesday 27th September 2016

RAW file - the base data of the picture of The Shard, London

The Shard, London Photography by Rick McEvoy

The Shard, London Photography by Rick McEvoy

This is the completely unprocessed RAW image which came out of my Canon 6D. The RAW file is so flat Lightroom adds 25 to the sharpness on every image. The Jpeg file is much more appealing straight out of camera, but the RAW file contains all the information needed to get much better finished results than you can get from a JPEG file - there is much more data in a RAW file

Rick McEvoy Photography 

12th July 2016