Why do I have two pictures of Durdle Door on my Dorset Photographer web page? Well why not?

There are two pictures of Durdle Door on my Dorset Photographer web page.

Why two pictures of one location?


Because Durdle Door is worth it. Really. I love visiting Durdle Door.

It might well be the most photographed location in Dorset, but I don’t care to be honest. Yes I want to produce original, creative and different pictures of Dorset, and there are some of these on this page of my website.

But there is one thing I need to remember. Just because a picture is of a popular location that everybody photographs it doesn’t make it wrong.

I have found myself guilty of this photographic snobbery – thankfully I noticed this all by myself and have dealt with this.

Popular does not equal bad – popular = popular. And popular = what people want to see surely.

That’s all.

Mine is not the best picture of Durdle Door. Neither of them. But importantly to me they are my pictures of Durdle Door.

My images are unique.

Let me explain.

No one else took exactly the same images that I did.

No one else used my camera, my settings, with the composition I used at that time on that day in that light.

So my pictures of Durdle Door are actually unique.

I hope I have explained that point.

As are your pictures. And don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

That’s a different way of looking at things!

I will write about these two pictures of Durdle Door separately, and will confine myself to the photographic elements of these pictures.

If you want to know more about Durdle Door itself then check out the following websites.

Visit Dorset

Lulworth online


Jurassic Coast

And of course good old Trip Advisor

And what else is there to do in the area? Back to Trip Advisor we go. 

And finally the Resort Dorset website

I don’t think there is any point in me writing about Durdle Door when other people have made such a good job of doing this already!

I will stick to my photos, how and why I captured what I did, how I processed them, and something I am thinking about more and more these days – how will I make better pictures next time I return to this iconic Dorset landmark.

Which I will for sure.

But next time I do return to Durdle Door it will be with an amount of planning, with a specific end result in mind.


Rick McEvoy LBIPP

Dorset landscape photographer 

Sunday 7th May 2017

How am I getting on with my set of 12 pictures for my Dorset Photographer web page?

It’s taking forever. This is where I am up to as of now, Friday 28th April 2017

I have 14 images in a Lightroom Collection. I want 12. So two have to go. Right now.

This is the list of my 14 pictures of Dorset (in date order for now as I have not sequenced the image sets yet and this is how Lightroom sequences by default).

Kimmeridge Bay at sunrise

I love this picture and this is definitely staying. The coastline of Dorset is such a significant part of the county of Dorset, and Kimmeridge Bay is such a popular location.

Portland Bill Lighthouse

Again I love this shot, and it is nice to have some architectural photography in Dorset included on this web page. As I have said many many times, everyone loves a Lighthouse!!

The view of the beach at West Bay from the cliffs above.

I like this picture looking towards the beach at West Bay and the coast beyond. This image needs to be re-edited, which I will do shortly. I know what I want to do to this image, what kind of styling I want to apply.

Portland viewed from Ringstead Bay.

Again, definitely staying as it is. No further work to do. Love this picture of Portland. Viewed from the National Trust site located at Ringstead.

The picture of Lulworth Cove

Definitely staying again. An iconic Dorset landmark, and a fantastic subject for a picture. And not too bad a picture even if I say so myself.

Dorset Red Post.

I am going to keep this image in, and re-photograph this post next time I am in the area. I have an idea but his picture of the Dorset Red Post stays for now. I like the story attached to this image. Well the subject.

Durdle Door IPhone edit 20/11/2011

I love this composition and am going to revisit the edit of this picture and edit an original version in actual Lightroom on my actual PC.

Sunrise over Millionaires Row in Sandbanks

This image is being taken out of the set. One more to get rid of and I am down to my set of 12.

Cove Fish, Lulworth Cove

This is a final edit and something nicely different which stays. Many people walk past this small shop just before they get to Lulworth Cove, but I wonder how many people take a picture of it?

Bats Head.

This is an old image and an old edit which I am going to revisit. As ever I have a finished style in mind for this picture.

Durdle Door long shot

This long view is great, but needs a bit of a tweak to the edit. A bit of dodging and burning and a bit of tweaking to the colours. That’s all.

Port of Poole at sunrise

This image is the other one to go. It just does not do it for me in this collection of pictures of Dorset.

The view looking towards Brownsea Island at sunset

Again, I like images which are a bit different, and this simplistic, minimalist picture of the view from Shore Road looking towards Brownsea Island is a picture I really like. Nice colours, mood and feel. I think this will be the last image in the set.

Delph Woods, Broadstone, Poole.

This image stays. It mixes up the set and is not an image you will find in a set of pictures of Dorset.

I am happy with this set of 12 photos of Dorset, which covers some iconic Dorset tourist landmarks as well as some lesser known and lesser photographed locations in Dorset. I have included images featuring the Dorset coastline, including the Jurassic Coast, as well a couple of buildings and a road sign. And of course a picture of some wonderfully moody and mysterious woods.

This is what I actually need to do to finish my Dorset Photographer page.

1 - Edit the following images

  • The picture of the cliffs at West Bay
  • Two pictures of Durdle Door.
  • The picture of Bats Head.

2 - Delete the pictures of Millionaires Row in Sandbanks and the Port of Poole at sunrise (well remove from the collection in Lightroom).

3 - Caption and title all the images in Lightroom.

4 - Sequence the images. Very important. I have a range of subjects in this set that need to be sequenced so the collection works as a whole.

5 - Export the images from Lightroom to upload to my website.

6 - Produce black and white images of all the final edits which are to be added to my black and white landscape photography in Dorset web page.

7 - Add the 24 images to my stock companies – this is very important as this is something I am not doing that I need to get into the routine of doing every time I produce work suitable to place for sale in stock markets. (Not stock markets – if it was I wouldn’t be writing this stuff every day!).

I need to get myself set up to quickly export these images to two stock sites that I use. I will write separately about this.

8 - Once the images are uploaded onto my Dorset photographer web page each one needs a title and description within the template of my Squarespace website.

9 - Each image also needs a paragraph of descriptive text adding to my webpage, complete with helpful and relevant links.

10 - Delete the old images and text.

Not much then!

And that should be that.

I will post the set of twelve images one day on my photography blog, along with a day of sharing the images on my various social media channels. I might make 12 separate posts. Yes why not?

And that will be that done.

And then it will be time to move on with another set of posts about a page on my website, this time my construction product photographer page.

And then I am going to get rid some draft posts before embarking on my next major project which I am looking forward greatly to starting.

Rick McEvoy Photography

Dorset Photographer

Friday 28th April 2017

Choosing the images for my Dorset Photographer web page – how do I select 12 images out of the thousands of pictures of Dorset in my Lightroom Collection?

 My Dorset Photographer web page is important to me. I am after all a photographer in Dorset. What am I not happy with? My choice of pictures of Dorset. It’s not a great choice to be completely honest with you - at the time of writing.

I like having a set of 12 images on each page on my website. There is a nice symmetry to this for me, and this allows to display the images either in a grid format or as a slideshow that is long enough but not too long.

So, I always struggle to get down to 12 images. And then at some point I wake up. What is the point of this web page?

It is to display the best 12 pictures that showcase the county of Dorset in my eyes. And that is the key.

In my eyes. Anyone can take a photograph. But only I have my eyes, trained over the years (and worked on intensively by Leightons & Tempany in Poole!) to see things my way.

That’s it. Nothing else.

And do the set of 12 images do that now?


Some I love and are staying. Some must go. Some are of the right subject but are not the right image.

I can be quite harsh on myself but in the internet world we live and work in you must get people’s attention quickly, and hold it. I need pictures that are striking, my best work.

What is the county of Dorset all about then?

  • The striking, dramatic Jurassic Coast.
  • Iconic tourist landmarks such as Durdle Door.
  • Colourful, vibrant country side.
  • Rural villages and towns.
  • Coastal living.
  • The sea.
  • The coastline.
  • A spectacular English landscape.

That does it for me.

And do the set of 12 images I have included on my Dorset Photographer web page do these words justice? Not really.

So, I am afraid I am going to inflict a rethink of this page on you via my photography blog.

Tomorrow I will do a bit more thinking. Saturday, I will post the images I am not happy with. And on Sunday I will write about the images I am going to include on this important page of my website.

See what I have done? I have set myself a timetable and published it for the world to see. This is how I get myself to do things!

You never know, it might happen this way?

Bear with me, hopefully I will soon have a web page I am happy with, and then we can all get on with things happy in the knowledge that I am happy with this one little thing.

Rick McEvoy Photography

Dorset Photographer

Thursday 6th April 2017

It is time for me to update the Dorset Photographer page on my website

I have been working on new content for my Dorset photographer page. The content needed a refresh, being over a year old, and there is lots more I want to say about my pictures of Dorset, and a brand-new collection of images to show.

So how did I go about doing this?

Like this.

I put all my Dorset photos into a single Collection in Lightroom, which crosses over with my collections of 2008 and 2009. Well every year actually. This is fine as long as I remember to reject and then physically delete the things I don’t want from each collection. I am trying to attack my catalogue from all angles to get rid of stuff I don’t want.

Having all my photos of Dorset in one collection meant that the images were immediately available to me on Lightroom Mobile, where I could go through them and just select picks of things that look interesting. And being on Lightroom Mobile I could do this anywhere, including in the queue for the car wash!

I started this and it was going quite well but I found something I liked the look of so I stopped and edited it.

I know – I really must stop doing this and stick to going through those few thousand images.

I was not being too scientific with the initial picks – anything that I liked the look of or that was something different. I had decided that I might not go for the headline iconic Dorset tourist landmarks like Durdle Door, Lulworth Cove etc etc (well there might be a few) - no not me – I was going to come up with something different.


So, having all my Dorset photos in one collection, I was able to browse these images at my leisure.

Having gone through and crudely picked things I liked the look of I had over 150 images. All I had to do then was narrow them down to a set of twelve images which will go into my gallery of Dorset photos.

I was not sure if I was going to include just landscape photography images, or if I was going to broaden things out to include architectural and/ or interior photography images.

This was another time when my iPad Pro proved invaluable – this is one of the things I really wanted the iPad for – selecting images. And of course, I did some quick edits which I posted – this is pleasurable work for me made even more so by the iPad Pro.

Having picked the set of 12 images what next? Well edits of the images and lots of lovely new text to accompany the images and get me higher up the rankings in Google.

This piece of work will also give me lots of new things to write about on my photography blog – as ever one thing leads to lots of new content and also lots of new images.

At the time of writing I have a shortlist of 12 images, and some text which you can read on my Dorset Photographer web page.

But that is not the end. Oh no. Far from it.

Now I have to go through the images one by one and re-edit them. And I will write about this as I am producing the images which will replace the existing ones on this page of my photography website.

To do this I am going to create virtual copies of the 12 chosen images and then do full edits at my leisure and write about these separately –these edited images will also feed into my commercial stock photography libraries.

This sounds like a plan, and one that I will repeat with other pages. My immediate priorities are

Dorset photographer page

Hampshire photographer page

Poole photographer page

Sandbanks photographer page

Cornwall photographer page

Wiltshire photographer page

So, I will get on with the Dorset page then get on with my Hampshire photography page using the same process.

Rick McEvoy Photography

Thursday 16th March 2017

The things I am going to write about in my photography blog in 2017

I have been thinking. Yes sorry but it happens every now and then…

I have decided to rethink the content of my blog going forward. Writing this post has helped me sort in my head what I need to do in 2017 and onwards.

I need to make the best use of the limited time I have available for the production of daily blog posts.

Unfortunately professional photography is more about the business of photography than the actual taking of pictures, and this will be reflected in the content of my blog in 2017.

December however is all about producing an endless flow of new images, as I have the fallout of me sorting my 2007 images to contend with. This problem will be compounded even further when I get round to my 2008 images, as there is lots and lots of good stuff in there too. That is if I ever get to my 2008 collection of images.

And the years after that my work steadily improves but that is definitely a 2017 problem to deal with.

But back to my blog, and the content of my blog, and what I want to achieve by continuing to commit to daily blog posts in 2017.

I have to say that I enjoy writing about photography, and that I also enjoy writing about my photography and my images.

But I have to remember that my blog posts are in addition to my full time work, so the content does need to be carefully structured to enable me to maintain a consistent quality of content.

I also want to maintain the quality of the photography that I publish not only on my blog but anywhere externally.

  • Quality is very important to me and is at the core of everything to do with my photography business.
  • Consistency is also important.
  • And it is also important to me that I produce original photographic work.

So put that little lot together and things are going to change in 2017.

My blog should be an output of a selection of the things that I do in my photography business, and also of things that I want to do, the things I want to work on, the things I want to improve and the new things that I want to learn.

All of which should help me progress and improve all aspects of my photography, which in turn should also help to improve the success of my photography business.

And I must not forget of course that I want to produce content that other people will find useful, helpful and informative. And maybe every now and then amusing.

The rest of 2016 is already scheduled out. Well it was until I came across 2007 and editing on my IPad Pro got into full swing! I have gone a bit mad to be honest, being reunited with some old images but being able to process them using everything I have learnt between then and now. This is exciting to me!

I want to maintain the daily blog posts, but I also want them to be structured around my work and the things I want to improve and develop in 2017.

I will therefore continue to produce new pictures of Dorset and Hampshire, as well as architectural photography and interior photography images – all on a weekly basis. These are my core subjects. And this work will feed out into commercial areas of my business. This makes perfect sense.

There will be more variety in the nature and content of my posts.

I wrote a few longer posts this year, and I am going to produce more posts with more detailed content in 2017. These will be about my work in Lightroom and Photoshop. Writing these longer posts about Lightroom and Photoshop also makes perfect sense, as there are things I want to spend time on, especially in Photoshop.

I will also be producing shorter posts as well. More shorter posts and less longer posts.

That sort of works for me time-wise.

I have found writing very helpful in developing my photographic skills in a targeted way. I have also found this writing enjoyable.

I scheduled out December in advance, and yes things changed but this scheduling made me much more productive. Scheduling in advance also made me change the way I work, making improvements in my working efficiency. I noticed a big difference in my productivity in December which was good to see.

Other bigger subjects that I will be writing about on a monthly basis will include

  • Luminosity masks
  • How to organise your photos in Lightroom – the never ending subject and the work done to get on top of my Lightroom Catalogue
  • My beginners guide to Lightroom – started but left behind in 2016

This gives me plenty to do, and plenty of variety.

I am going to schedule out my posts for January 2017 onwards, and see how things go. This is a plan I am happy with, combining all the subjects I want to work on with an ongoing process of production of new images. And the taking of new images – this is very important to me and I will endeavour to produce new personal work very week.

The list of subjects, in no particular order, is this (at the moment)

  • One Top 10 list post per month.
  • Favourite photography locations
  • Luminosity Mask monthly update
  • Stock photography monthly submission/ update
  • Photography news
  • Black and white – three variations of one black and white image
  • Website monthly update – words and images
  • Customer/ client/ marketing news
  • Commercial issues
  • Podcast episode
  • New gear
  • Old gear
  • Lightroom - Quick Tip
  • Photoshop – Quick Tip
  • Lightroom - longer post on a specific subject or technique
  • Photoshop post - longer post or specific subject or technique
  • Photography Term explained
  • Monthly video and image
  • Photography technique
  • Quick photography Tip
  • How I took the shot
  • IPhone image of the week
  • 1 Dorset image per week
  • 1 Hampshire image per week
  • 1 architectural interior/ exterior image per week
  • Image of the week
  • Beginners Guide to Lightroom
  • How Do I Do That In Photoshop article - this will make sense don't worry,

That is a total of 43 potential posts per month! Plus things that happen along the way.

Now I am no expert in such things but 43 into 31 does not go. So I am back at multiple blog posts in a day. Some days anyway. I will have a think about this…….

Rick McEvoy Photography Blog

Friday 16th December 2016


Sandbanks Photography with my iPhone developed on location with Lightroom Mobile

The IPhone version of the shot

The IPhone version of the shot

The IPhone shot of Sanbanks edited in Lightroom Mobile

The IPhone shot of Sanbanks edited in Lightroom Mobile

Compare and contrast. Captured edited and posted on location in Sandbanks, Poole, Dorset. 

Amazing technology. 

Check out my Dorset Photographer page at


for more pictures of Dorset

My brand new Dorset photographer page is now live on my website

Dorset Photographer - Rick McEvoy – High Quality Imagery – High Quality Service

This page is dedicated to my work as a Dorset photographer work. I have included 12 Dorset images on this page which represent the county of Dorset for me.

You can access this page from this link


I have lots more pictures of Dorset – just contact me using the contact form at


You can email or phone me using the details at the top of this and every page on my website.

I regularly update the images on this page, which is pretty much exclusively my Dorset landscape photography work. My commercial work can be viewed on my other pages, along with my photographs taken in Bournemouth, Poole and Sandbanks.

This set of Dorset pictures was assembled on April 2016, and includes the following subjects.

Popular Dorset locations

  • Durdle Door
  • Kimmeridge Bay
  • Bats Head
  • Portland Bill Lighthouse
  • Mupe Bay
  • West bay beach
  • Portland viewed from Ringstead bay
  • The Cove Shop, Lulworth Cove

As well as the following scenes which are not Dorset photography locations specifically, but are nice scenes I have spotted on my travels around this lovely county.

  •  A bight yellow field near Dorchester with tractor trails
  • A field near Winterbourne Abbas with a dreamy sky
  • Moody morning mist in central Dorset
  • Another dreamy shot – this one of a tree lined driveway photographed on a misty morning.

You can purchase any of my Dorset photos, like I said there are lots more photos of Dorset in my collection.

 If you have a specific location that you would like me to photograph get in touch with me. And of course if you require some high quality photography in Dorset then get in touch. I specialise in architectural, commercial and industrial photography, but my photographic skills can be used to capture a broader variety of images.

My photography business is just me – I take all the images and process them myself in Lightroom, Photoshop and the odd extra bit of software. I am fully conversant with all the latest trends techniques and processes in photography. I don’t have the fanciest photography kit on the market, but what I have is pro standard. I have an interesting collection of accessories which enable me to take photographs from different views and angles. I am always trying new things, and my work is fresh and ever evolving.

When you commission me for your photography work one thing you will always get is my passion, drive and enthusiasm for my craft.

Back to Dorset. I am very fortunate to live and work in Dorset, and get a lot of my landscape images when I am travelling around the county doing my regular commercial photography work. I use the photos of Dorset to practise new techniques both in image capture and processing, and any good new things I learn get applied to my commercial work.

 The best place to go to see what I am up to is my blog, which you can get to at www.rickmcevoyphotography.co.uk/blog. I post to my blog every day, often posting new Dorset photography work. I write about photography, my work, what is new in the photography industry, and also offer tips and tricks that I pick up along the way.

 When I post images I often explain my camera settings, and how I have processed the images in Lightroom and Photoshop. I also post experimental work using new techniques and software, so there is always something new to read about.

Search terms - apologies but i have to make a living out of this!!

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Sunday morning Dorset landscape photography shot of West Bay

West Bay, Dorset, by Dorset Photographer Rick McEvoy  

West Bay, Dorset, by Dorset Photographer Rick McEvoy  

Just a nice bit of landscape photography for a Sunday morning. 

The beach, sea, sky and cliffs at West Bay, Dorset. 

One of my many pictures of Dorset.

Please pop back to my blog tomorrow at


for more photo stuff

Moving all my images to an external hard drive - a painful process! Update 5

Back now. Copied all over to hard drive. Decided against moving them. 

All moved safe and sound. Now have to delete entire catalogue and pictures from laptop and create a new catalogue on my hard drive then import back in leaving files on external hard drive. 

Having deleted the copy on my hard drive it crashed again. Rebooting. Hopefully the next step will be smooth. 

Come back to


For the next instalment. 

Looking forward to getting this sorted and getting back to sorting my next batch of pictures of Dorset for my portfolio!! 


Sunshine shot taken in Sandbanks, Poole for a Sunday morning

Sandbanks sunset, Poole, Dorset, by Rick McEvoy Dorset Photographer  

Sandbanks sunset, Poole, Dorset, by Rick McEvoy Dorset Photographer  

Well it is Sunday morning and the weather is cold and grey here in England. 

So here is some Sunday sun to warm us all up. 

One of my favourite pictures of Dorset. 

This is the jetty you can see from Evening Hill on the approach to Sandbanks in Poole, Dorset. 

Whats not to love? 

Thats all from me for today - please check out my blog post tomorrow at


and also check out my Dorset pages at

Dorset photographer http://www.rickmcevoyphotography.co.uk/Dorset-photographer

Poole photographer


Sandbanks photographer


Mupe Bay, Dorset - another stunning picture of Dorset

Mupe Bay, Dorset, by Rick McEvoy Dorset Photographer

Mupe Bay, Dorset, by Rick McEvoy Dorset Photographer

I have decided to post from time to time  some of my favourite images amongst my usual daily posts. Some of these have been published before, some not. 

These are purely and simply images I like. Personal work. No buildings or construction sites. Well there might be thinking about that.

But definitely some of my favourite images which I hope you all like.

This shot was taken from Arish Mell beach in Dorset, looking towards Mupe Bay. One of my favourite pictures of Dorset. Well favourite taken by me that is.

I took this shot some time ago whilst working on a commercial diving contract. As an aside that truly was great work, covering commercial diving in the beach with this for the view.

And whilst there and waiting for slack water I had time to take the odd image. Whilst I always liked the original image I didn't learn to love it till I learned how to really use Lightrooom.

The original version of this I processed was ok.


Average you would say if you saw it.

So some years later when going through some of my old images of Dorset I looked at this shot again and decided I could do much better.

And I think I did. 

This is one of my favourite Dorset images, which you can find in the gallery on my Dorset Photographer page at


Please pop back to my blog tomorrow at  


where you will find a mix of posts about my commercial photography work, architectural photography as well as personal work, the odd bit of photo news and other thoughts. 

As always you can contact me by phone, email or using the contact form which can all be found on my website at