How to organise your photos in Lightroom – 2008 – the difficult year!

This was always going to be a challenge. 3119 images. And I wanted to go through them in one go. I guessed that is not going to happen, and that I would have to do this in bits. I have too much else to do at the moment.

So this was my approach.

Firstly, I added all the images to a Collection called imaginatively 2008. Well it works for me.

Next I synced this Collection with Lightroom Mobile.

Now I have this collection available on my phone, IPad and on the web through the Lightroom Mobile browser.

Side note – or point of digression more like!

I have 33,393 image synced in Lightroom Mobile, which is incredible. I can access the Smart Previews of all of these images on my phone!

Sorry – I just find that amazing.

Where was I? Oh yes.

Next I selected all the images in the collection, and pressed X. I rejected every image. This meant that when I went though the images all I had to do was to select an image as a pick and move on to the next image.

That’s all. Nice and easy.

The problem is that I had to do this 3119 times!

Looking ahead 2009 will be a piece of cake – only 2645 images.

Once all this was done I could go through the images anywhere, so I decided to set aside a day when I would endeavour to get from start to finish in that day. Over the course of the day.

This is what I was looking for.

To reject rubbish.

To get rid of duplicate images, old edits, copies, that sort of thing.

To only have images that I want to do something with, or personal stuff I want to keep.

Having done the initial cull, I need to then do the following.

Rate the images with stars, using my rating system.

  • 0 stars – unrated
  • 1 star – to sort
  • 2 stars – no edit
  • 3 stars – to edit
  • 4 stars – edited
  • 5 stars – edited best

I also need to keyword every image.

And then, only then, I can play with the images.

Ok ok I know – I will do the first cull, get bored and start editing stuff. Just like I did with 2006 and 2007. I have still have not keyworded these images, nor rated them. I just jumped in impatiently and started editing stuff.

This is how I am though. That is the good stuff.

This is my plan for organising my images in Lightroom, one year at a time. Pop back to my blog in the next couple of days to see how I got on….

Rick McEvoy Photography Blog

Friday 9th December 2016