A general post about the commercial photography work I do and what is coming up on my photography blog – don’t worry it will make sense honest!

I appear to have been writing lots of themed posts recently. I wanted to get back to the nuts and bolts of my photography work briefly for those of you who are new to my blog.

The areas of commercial photography work I specialise in are

  • Architectural photography
  • Construction photography
  • Industrial photography
  • Interior photography
  • Landscape photography
  • Stock photography
  • Travel photography

A lot of my commercial photography work is never published for commercial reasons, so reading my blog you might think that I am just someone who writes about pictures he has taken and that I am not an actual photographer.

Hence this blog post.

So I am a photographer. I also write about photography, Lightroom and Photoshop on my daily photography blog.

Talking of which, there are going to be some changes coming up in the content of my photography blog.

I am going to write a series of posts all about my construction product photography work.

Then there will be a series of posts all about my interior photography work, and the new set of mages on my interior photography web page.

And then after that I am going to be concentrating for some time on one single photography trip I have recently had the pleasure of going on. And at the same time I am going to enter the world of luminosity masks.

I am going to start this piece of work, with the luminosity masks added in for good measure, mid June. I am going to give myself the luxury of six weeks to write about this on my blog. I am very excited to be doing this and giving myself time to completely process a photography trip.

When I say I am giving myself 6 weeks, I must clarify that this is in addition to day to day work etc.

Once I have done this I need a plan for some of my other trips. I need to spend some proper time on the images I have – I might schedule out one month per trip. Hmmm I sense another schedule coming on here. Yet another one. That is the last thing I want!

I am also trying to update my web pages, having updated the following pages

Home page

Construction Product Photographer

Dorset photographer

Hampshire photographer

Interior photographer (see above)

I am going to try to get my commercial photography pages updated, starting with the images on each web page, followed by the text.

All this while working full time – lots to do then!

Rick McEvoy Photography

Thursday 25th May 2017

What is the best black and white image processing software that is fully compatible with Lightroom?

Can someone suggest some great software for making black and white images please? What software do you use to produce black and white photographs?

I want to replace Nik Silver Efex Pro before the inevitable falling over of this much-loved software which Google own but are not maintaining.

If like me you love the Nik Collection a word of warning – Google are not supporting the Nik Collection. It is unfortunately only a matter of time before something goes wrong.

The Nik Collection is the great free software from Google.

It may be that an update to Windows does the job, and when that happens I do not believe that Google will be throwing any resources at fixing the problem.

I love Nik Silver Efex Pro, but want to move to something else before Nik goes wrong.

So, what to use? I don’t know. Perhaps you good people out there can help me?

Well this is what I am looking for.

  • Black and white image processing software tha Integrates fully and seamlessly with Lightroom
  • Works on Windows 10 (and if it worked on iOS as well then that would be even better)
  • Is quick and easy to use
  • Has great presets
  • Has simple local adjustments
  • And produces great images

That puts the images back into Lightroom right where it found them.

Oh, yes and is supported.

And that is it.

I don’t ask for much – just an up to date version of the software I am already using and have liked using for some time now.

So, if anyone out there can help me and let me know what the software alternatives are that would be splendid.

I forgot to say, the black and white images I produce are principally

  • Architectural photography
  • Construction photography
  • Industrial photography
  • Interior photography
  • Landscape photography
  • Product photography
  • Travel photography

Which is pretty much most of the photography work I do.

Hopefully some kind folk will read this and get back to me with some great ideas.

Rick McEvoy Photography

Tuesday 4th April 2017


Black and white architectural photography - today and the next five days on my blog!

This is the shot processed a couple of years ago using Topaz Labs B&W Effects.

Picture of the Royal Bank of Scotland, Edinburgh - by Rick McEvoy architectural photographer  

Picture of the Royal Bank of Scotland, Edinburgh - by Rick McEvoy architectural photographer  

The next theme on my blog is going to be black and white architectural photography.

I edited this picture of the Royal Bank of Scotland using Topaz Labs black and white pug-in, B&W Effects.

I need a break from the intense commercial photography work I have been doing recently.

So I am going to treat myself to 5 days of blog posts all about black and white architectural photography.

I do not know how many images I will produce but you will find out over the next five days.

I find it useful to give myself these tasks to work on a specific area of my photography work.

Architectural photography is my core photography work, and adding black and white processing using Nik Silver Efex Pro will give some variety to my architectural photography work.

This is not something that I have tried properly before, and the idea came about when Google made the Nik software free recently.

I need to come up with my own black and white style, and I am looking forward to this. I am going to work on some recent commercial architectural photography work, taking final client issued work and producing something new.

I am looking for a distinct, highly stylised look. The images have to sit well together, and I will be developing another new workflow specifically for black and white architectural photography. I will be able to offer this to new clients as an additional service, allowing me to give added value to my customers.

My aim is to have 12 new images which I will publish as well as on my blog on a new page on my website. Later on this year I am going to do the same with my interior photography work and my travel photography.

And of course last but by no means least I will produce a set of black and white landscape photography images – and with this set I really will be going for it!!

Set yourself tasks to do something different – you might find it as rewarding as I do.

And so until tomorrow……

Commercial photography and landscape photography - how I manage to do both

Having spent all yesterday going on about the photography work I specialise in, namely

Architectural photography

Commercial photography, and

Industrial photography

You might, quite rightly, question why I post landscape photography work on my website.

Well there are a number of reasons for that.

Firstly, I like to.

I like going to nice, new and interesting places. Who doesn’t? And when I am there I like photographing these places. And during my working day when I am out and about I am always looking for things to photograph.

I am dreadful really.

I actually take notes of places that might be worth a visit on my IPhone, or I take a shot on my IPhone so I have the location and potential subject matter of my next masterpiece tagged electronically.

Honestly how did we manage not that long age before all of the technology?

And film cameras. I am old enough to remember them. I used to have one, well several actually.

So yes as well as my commercial work I have this other area of work, principally travel photography and landscape photography.

When I don’t have the commercial pressures of my commercial photography I can relax into my other, personal (to start with) work. And I can also experiment in Lightroom and Photoshop.

I taught myself sky replacement using some of my landscape images. And I have used some of my landscape photography skies in my commercial work, so there is an inevitable crossover.

This is why I have split my website into commercial work and my places galleries.

So you can tell them apart now but still access both.

It has been said that a photographer’s personal work is a better reflection of their photographic style than their commercial work.

I guess in my case that is 50% true. I enjoy my travel photography and landscape photography, but equally enjoy my commercial work. It is just that they are done in different circumstances, with different constraints and pressures.

Blimey, where did that come from?

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The rooftops of St Emillion, Frnace - a great architectural and travel shot.

The rooftops of St Emillion

The rooftops of St Emillion

 A lovely warm summers shot of the fooftops of St Emillion in France, taken from the bell tower of the Monolithic Church of St Emillion.

I have to be honest - I took far too many shots from the bell tower such were he fantastic views. 

So I have lots of sweeping vistas and endless rooftops, but instead chose this tighter shot, which I feel tells the story of the rooftops themselves. Just the odd patch if green to break up the colours in the wall Les and the roofs. No people in the shot, purely because if the angle of view. 

Ok there was one person in the shot but they got removed in Photoshop. 

A fiver for the reader who can tell me where the person was in the shot! 

This shot was taken at 1/1600 second at F8, ISO100 on my Canon 6D with 17-40mm lens. 

On this trip I took two lenses, the 17-40 and the 8-15mm F4L fisheye zoom lens. 

40mm was the longest focal length I was carrying. 

Whilst it made me think my ideal two lens combo is the 70-200F4L with the 17-40. That is my travel combo, and what I use most of the time. 

My 24-105mm F4 lens, for so long my go to lens, is virtually redundant. I have now put in my back 5D for when I need to change quickly, which is not often for my type and style of photography, which is much slower and more about careful and thoughtful composition these days. And on a tripod wherever possible.

Well I have digressed slightly off topic here, but hope you enjoyed this architectural photography image taken in St Emillion. 

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