Attracting the right visitors to your photography website – an introduction. Well I started writing about Google Analytics but this is much better.

Attracting the right visitors to your photography website – an introduction. Well I started writing about Google Analytics but this is much better.

OK so not the most interesting subject…

But important for any photography business. If you are in business in photography, then you have a website. This is your shop window. And if no-one goes into your shop you don’t make any money.

When you have a shop you know how many people visit your shop. Obviously.

But with a website it is of course different.

How many visitors do you get to your website? Of course the physical number of visitors is only part of the story – are the visitors the right visitors for your business?

If you have a shop selling clothes for teenagers you aren’t going to get much trade from a coach load of pensioners are you?

Web traffic is like I say just the beginning. And you must not fall into the trap of thinking that the number of visitors to your site alone is good.

Of course if people are finding you online that is good. But you need to attract visitors that want what you are offering, whatever that may be.

So how do we do all this? I am working on this……

And this is where my post changed from the analytical side of things to what I realised was much more important than tracking who comes to your website.

The subject of who you want to come to your website.

So here we go with the actual beginning of this subject, not the end point. That’s better. Makes much more sense.

Shall I continue?

OK. To start with, who are you looking to come to your website? Forget the numbers here – who is your ideal client? Your target customer?

I am trying to attract, well I will extract part of my home page text rather than paraphrase in this post

“High quality architectural photography, commercial photography and industrial photography by Rick McEvoy LBIPP.

Photography of building exteriors, building interiors, construction sites, refurbishment projects, commercial spaces, completed developments, construction products.

Sectors covered – public, private, commercial, retail, industrial, residential, education, plant, utilities and infrastructure.

Experience working from heights, access platforms, scaffolds, boats, confined spaces and other controlled environments. Aerial photography by drone.

Clients - architects, builders, developers, consultants, designers, agents, property owners and house holders in both the public and private sectors.”

Quite specific.

I heard a great analogy on a podcast the other day. If you are going to have heart surgery, you would go to a heart specialist. Not a chiropodist. Nothing against chiropodists but you get the point.

So am I the best person to photograph your wedding? No of course not. I could do it for sure, and no doubt make an excellent job of it, as the fundamentals of photography and digital imagery apply to all genres, but no there are people better placed, better equipped and more experienced than me.

Am I the best person to photograph your building?

No. Not the best. But look at my website. Look at my work, and read about me.

You will learn that I might be a good fit for you. Do you like my style of work? The images I produce? If so then I am a contender. If you are looking for a wedding photographer and you go to my website you will have no idea what I might be able to do for you. I might just be fantastic! But you will not know.

If you are, however, one of my target clients, you will be able to see what I can produce. And potentially what you might get. And also if you like my style of work.

And then there is me…..

One final point on this post, is about these posts on my blog.

Why do I blog? Why do I post every day?

Well for a better internet presence of course. That is one reason. But the main reason is this;

So people can get to know the real me. I write as I speak. Websites can be boring. Look at me, look at my work – I am fantastic blah blah blah…… When you hire me as your photographer you are hiring me the person. My personality. So I better make sure you know a little more about the personality you are getting, which is where my blog comes in to the equation. You can read as much or as little as you want, but hopefully you find my posts interesting and even entertaining once in a while.

Writing also helps me make sense of things, get things in order.

And I enjoy sharing my learning with others online, hopefully someone somewhere has learnt one small thing that has helped them.

Thanks for reading this post, and please call back tomorrow for a post which I promise will contain a nice picture, at