Happy New 2017 - 10 things for me to think about in my photography business in 2017

Happy New Year!!!!

Delighted you are with me for another year. I hope last year was excellent for you, and that this year will be even better.

I thought I would start my photography blog for 2017 with a post about 10 things I want to do differently in 2017.

I don’t go in for News Years Resolutions. Not as such. But I do believe in learning and improving. So here are some thoughts on things I want to change, work on, improve and develop in 2017.

  1. Learn new stuff – image capture, composition, processing, SEO, design, marketing. Oh that’s a big one to start with!
  2. Produce less quantity and more quality. I am not only talking about my images here, but also blog posts, articles, work, anything really.
  3. Make my blog work for me. I have written about this before. And when I have a post written, schedule it. And stop the typos. Google doesn't like them apparently.
  4. Take less photographs, but go out more often and try to make more higher quality photographs.
  5. Sort my Lightroom Catalogue. Finally. Once and for all.
  6. Approach more clients. And get more work. More direct marketing. And the use of actual prints. And books.
  7. Work on my stock submissions, both my own stock pages on my website and with my selected picture stock partner companies.
  8. Continue to develop my niches in architectural, building, construction, industrial and interior photography.
  9. Learn more. Read more. Listen to less of the same podcasts. Stop signing up to email lists then not reading the emails and then cancelling the subscriptions.
  10. Read what I already have before buying anything else to read.

And, say it quietly,

Become more efficient. More productive. (I know that's 11 but don't tell anyone).

I love my photography, and want to enjoy it even more in 2017. How do I do this?


Get out and take more photos.

Both commercial images as well as personal work which ends up becoming stock imagery anyway, but photographed by me for me. There is a difference here. I do what I want to do and use that imagery, rather than shooting for others.

Regarding gear? I use less and less each year. There are a couple of things I want to get but I will write about these separately.

But another improvement I will continue with from 2016 is the less is more approach to gear.

Right – that’s the plan - tomorrow I will be back to the business of photography. And I cant wait.

Rick McEvoy Photography Blog

Sunday 1st January 2016