Commercial photography and landscape photography - how I manage to do both

Having spent all yesterday going on about the photography work I specialise in, namely

Architectural photography

Commercial photography, and

Industrial photography

You might, quite rightly, question why I post landscape photography work on my website.

Well there are a number of reasons for that.

Firstly, I like to.

I like going to nice, new and interesting places. Who doesn’t? And when I am there I like photographing these places. And during my working day when I am out and about I am always looking for things to photograph.

I am dreadful really.

I actually take notes of places that might be worth a visit on my IPhone, or I take a shot on my IPhone so I have the location and potential subject matter of my next masterpiece tagged electronically.

Honestly how did we manage not that long age before all of the technology?

And film cameras. I am old enough to remember them. I used to have one, well several actually.

So yes as well as my commercial work I have this other area of work, principally travel photography and landscape photography.

When I don’t have the commercial pressures of my commercial photography I can relax into my other, personal (to start with) work. And I can also experiment in Lightroom and Photoshop.

I taught myself sky replacement using some of my landscape images. And I have used some of my landscape photography skies in my commercial work, so there is an inevitable crossover.

This is why I have split my website into commercial work and my places galleries.

So you can tell them apart now but still access both.

It has been said that a photographer’s personal work is a better reflection of their photographic style than their commercial work.

I guess in my case that is 50% true. I enjoy my travel photography and landscape photography, but equally enjoy my commercial work. It is just that they are done in different circumstances, with different constraints and pressures.

Blimey, where did that come from?

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Spectacular sunrise shot taken on Poole Quay, Dorset

Sunrise shot taken from Poole Quay looknig towards Sandbanks and the Port of Poole

Sunrise shot taken from Poole Quay looknig towards Sandbanks and the Port of Poole

This shot was taken one dull morning when it looked liked sunrise would not even be visible!

I started off at the Poole Lifting Bridge, and walked all the way down the Quay. I was the only one in Poole that morning taking photographs on the Quay!

This shot falls into the landscape and industrial photographer categories for me - the Port of Poole to the right, the sunset in the middle.


I am a photographer based in Poole, Dorset, and I specialise in industrial, architectural, landscape and commrcial photography.

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Night photography in Poole, Dorset

The view towards Poole Port at night from Hamworthy

The view towards Poole Port at night from Hamworthy

Night photography.

Something I have not done much of. But having thought about it the techniques I use for my general commercial photography ideally lend themselves to night photography as well. 


Firstly, I always use a tripod. Long exposure sorted. 

Secondly, I always a remote release. No shakes from me then. 

Thirdly, I always use a low ISO, so noise should not be a problem.

Actually that is not actually the case.  I could have increased the ISO quite a lot on my Canon 6D without incurring a noise penalty, purely because it is such a great low light photography camera.

This really is a great example of the need to know your cameras capabilities, strengths and limits, and using them all to your best advantage. 

Shutter speeds

I probably would have benefited from a shorter shutter speed, to make the stars sharper, if not on this image on some of the other ones. 

Next - focus.  

I often focus manually. Check that one on the low light scenario too! And now I am usnig back button focus this will help even more.

Still with me?


So I am basically geared up to doing night photogrpahy. I just need to get out and do it!! Now that really is the problem.......

Processing was a breeeze in Lightroom. And I do love the image posted above.

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