What Can You Listen To On The Photography Explained Podcast?

Hi – this is the list of episodes of the Photograpy Explained Podcast

Introductory Episode – 19th October 2020

PE1 – What Is Photography To Me?

PE2 – How Does A Camera Work?

PE3 – How To Take A Photo

PE4 – What is the exposure triangle?

PE5 – Do I really need a camera in 2020?

PE6 – What are the different types of camera?

PE7 – What camera should I buy?

PE8 – Why is camera sensor size important

PE9 – How can I learn to use my new camera?

PE10 – Recap – what have we learned so far?

PE11 – 10 Photography Things Explained Quickly

PE12 – Why Is Composition So Important?

PE13 – What Are The Rules Of Composition?

PE14 – What rules of composition do I use?

PE15 – Foreground, Middleground, Background

PE16 – Take More Interesting Photos

PE17 – What Time Of Day Is Best To Take Photos?

PE18 – What Are The Qualities Of A Good Photo?

PE19 – The Number 1 Way To Improve Your Photography

PE20 – Lets Get Technical

PE21 – What Does Exposure Mean In Photography?

PE22 – Merry Christmas

PE23 – What Is Aperture In Photography?

PE24 – What Does Shutter Mean In Photography?

PE25 – Happy New Year

PE26 – What Does ISO Stand For In Photography?

PE27 – What Is The Exposure Triangle? (Revisited)

PE28 – 5 Practical Applications Of The Exposure Triangle

PE29 – What is Exposure Compensation?

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