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Premium Content – Members Only – Coming Soon

In January 2022 I am launching a members only premium section of my website.

This will enable me to provide more, higher quality, more in-depth, focussed content, and a place where I can share info and questions with members.

I will be better placed to help you grow as a photographer, and to earn an income from photography by sharing my personal and professional experiences directly with you.

What will this include?

Well there will be different levels of membership.

The first one is just to help me.

And in 2022 I will be recording videos of my weekly blog posts and podcast episodes. These will be exclusive to the members area of my website, and outside of there only on the Apple Podcasts paid subscription service.

I will be taking my weekly blog posts and podcast episodes and going much deeper, adding more of my thoughts and personal experiences, humour and personality. Lots of ad libbing. I am very excited by this.

I will also provide access to my courses through a higer level tier – more on that below.

My Courses

I published my first course in October 2021 as planned. This course will be about How To Become A Real Estate Photographer. It contains about 4 hours of spoken material and screen recordings of me editing photos in Lightroom. Launch price £199, after that it the price will be somewhere between £299 and £499.

In 2022 you will be able to access all my courses by paying a subscription to my premium content.

Having completed the course you will be able to start making money as a real estate photographer. You will probably get back the money paid for the course after your first 2-3 commercial shoots.

I will of course cover becoming an architectural photographer, and also a construction photographer, similar but with significant differences. And after that I have lots of other ideas.

Full disclaimer here – the courses will be based on published blog posts but will be more refined, concise outputs all packaged together nicely. And having written and published the first course there is lots of new and good stuff not available anywhere else.

Anything else?

I have loads of ideas and things in my head that I need to get out, and all these things will be available at a discounted rate for members.

So yes there will be lots more good stuff in the coming months, but at the very least there will the extended weekly blog post in audio and visual format.

How Much Will This Cost?

I am working on this. £10 just to help me, £25 for the next level and more for the courses and all the other good stuff.

My thanks for early adopters

If you join me when I launch I will fix your membership at a discounted rate for as long as you stay with me. And I will also be asking you for your help during the early months as I come up with more ideas so we will be getting to know each other too, which will be lovely.

Why Should You Pay Me For This Stuff?

Quite simply you don’t have to. I will still be publishing the same free stuff that you enjoy at the moment.

Charging for premium content allows me to go into more detail and provide higher quality content and also engage personally with all you good folk who get in touch. It will also enable me to offer you some great deals as a thank you on products that I am will be creating.

My sales pitch – the bit about me

This is my business, and what I am providing is my personal experience of over 40 years of practising photography, and well over 30 years of commercial experience in construction.

And one massive outcome of these many years of experience is this – I know what you and I need to know and I also know what you and I do not need to know. I have spent many years struggling, and the last 10 or so years simplifying things and getting rid of the things that do not help me take better photos.

So I will explain things in a way that will help you take better photos, and save you tons of time and money.

I explain things in plain English without the irrelevant detail. No jargon, no bull, just plain old English.


If you are interested drop me an email Any questions, thoughts or comments just get in touch – I would love to hear from you.